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In song to be sung where the story continues along. Sweet and mellow to kiss you goodnight. Imagination to linger in shadow and light.

A serenade to time. Reflection, perception, perfection and the bumps to dig it.

Review by 360 Mag:
Joseph Demaree is headed in a positive direction. A mixture of indie, alternative rock and folk. Strong instrumentation, slick vocals and alluring lyrical content. This ambient sound interwoven with searing messages should be in the hands of a high level music supervisor for film. We urge you to take a listen to his full album while on a long drive to a summer vacation destination. This artist's melodic tone and mysterious presence has earned him a spot on our 360 Watch List.

Maui Demo - 11 song acoustic solo demo / Feb 2015
The Alternative Underground - 9 song studio album with The Square Tires / Dec 2014
Mahalo Party - 9 song live album with the Square Tires / Oct 2014
Between Here and There - 10 track rehearsal demo with the Square Tires / Aug 2014
Sunbeams - 9 track studio album with the Square Tires / Sep 2013
Totally Naked - 9 song demo with the Square Tires / Sep 2013
Mirrors - 6 song studio album with The Broken Windows / June 2013
Live at 39 - 12 track live solo album / April 2013
Stuck On It - Single with Muller & Tomek / Dec 2012
A Room Made of Windows - 5 track solo album / Dec 2012
Mirrors (solo) - 8 track solo album / Dec 2012
LIve at Ella St. Social Club - 6 track live album with The Broken Windows / July 2012
(demo) - 10 track solo demo / May 2012

http://activate.metroactive.com/2012/10/joseph-demaree-south-first-fridays/ [+]
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