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Born Jordan Royall Morris on May 27, 1988 in Reading, Pennsylvania, music had always been a part of Jordan’s life, even at a young age. Playing violin at the age of 6, Jordan was introduced into the music world. Growing with the music, Jordan strived to become better and create his own classical music in bizarre strange ways. At the age of 9, Jordan started to become obsessed with imagery. He looked at albums, books, movies and becoming intensely interested in imagery, e.g. the face behind the art. When he had turned 12, his living situation had taken a complete different direction, as his parents had announced to him and his younger brother that they would soon be divorced. Not quite knowing how to handle the situation, or where his life would lead him, Jordan had learned to escape through music. Listening to everything and anything he could get his hands on, he began listening to Metal, as any rebellious teenager would do. Now Jordan was 16, playing in orchestra, still escaping through music, and experimenting with drugs. It was around this age Jordan really realized he wanted to do vocals, although not sure his genre quite yet. He definitely wanted to create music leaning towards the alternative genre. Wherever music was blazing loud, Jordan was writing and practicing. Playing in some joke bands, Jordan soon realized the music he was making was almost too weird or different to really be marketable ANYWHERE. Back to the drawing board it was indeed. After graduating high school, although brief, Jordan had attended Lock Haven University due to his parents’ request. Finding himself being more amused with the party life and music in his own free time, Jordan decided to drop out in 2009. This was the year where he found himself writing and performing shows, even though he still wasn’t quite comfortable in his own skin, or even if this was the genre he wanted to ensue. In 2011, Jordan had released an album under the pseudo-name Jordan Pretty following the post-MySpace era. The album, was recorded with the likes of a mastering engineer, Tom Volpicelli that had mastered and produced works for artists such as Iggy Pop, Jeffree Star, and Pat Benatar and a recording engineer Mike Radka with local fame. Later that year, Jordan had moved to North New Jersey to be near the music scene of NY and metro NY areas. Heavily focused on hip-hop now, he would now be known as Jordan Royale. J.Halkz of Yacht Club Music Group had taken him under his wing in the form of producing and helping Jordan develop the unique sound he needed for this album. Raw, gritty, dirty is how you can describe the new mixtape, titled, "Dichotomy: The Mixtape", out now digitally and for free download on www.jordanroyale.com. You can hear a collaboration of their efforts in their track "Dreamin'". [+]
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