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Jordan McDowell is an American​ College student​ in the city of New Orleans who is studying to become a Pre-med​. [2][3]​ He is known for being in the news after experiencing discrimination against him by a clerk inside of an Allsups​ in the city of Santa Fe[4][5][6]


Photo of Jordan McDowell taken from an interview.

Personal Life & Activities

McDowell is a college student who lives in the city of New Orleans[7]



Currently at Xavier University​, a historically black catholic university institution. [8]​ McDowell is a part of the Pre-med​ department. [9]​ He has also studied at other colleges, particularly in the area of Santa Fe[10][11]


GIF of the moments when Jordan McDowell video recorded a bit of the incident in which he was racially profiled and discriminated against.

In The Media

Racial Discrimination 

On the evening of Friday, August 3rd, 2018, McDowell went inside of an Allsups​ convenience store to buy candy when a clerk at the store began to call the cops. [11][12]​McDowell purchased a packet of Sour Patch​ candy but he continued to linger inside of the store. [13]​ He looked around at other candies to buy: he would pick-up a brand of candy and then put it back. [9]​ As he continued to do this, the clerk who is an older lady behind the counter started calling 911, and McDowell took notice. He decided to start video recording the clerk and she can be hear saying the following: “And I want him out of the store right now... Because he’s being arrogant, because he’s black.” [10]


When the police arrived, they spoke to both McDowell and the lady, but no charges were filed. [10]


The incident comes as several other series of similar incidents where people call the cops on young people of color over prejudice. [11]

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