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Twentieth century polymath, AKA Fine Art Documentarian, whose artwork references emotions as well as conveys social messages. His calculated photographic style is easily distinguished by the romantically raw subject matter and macabre atmosphere in his pieces. He appeared in several films and television shows as a child. He left home at age 15 and lived homeless while selling logo designs to small businesses for money in order to publish a real estate magazine called The Rent Guide. He was tested and found to have more gamma-bursts in his frontal and parietal cortices of the brain than the average human. His years studying the mind and social behavior led to his innate ability to capture candid shots in street photography. His work has been commissioned by Universal, Warner Brothers, and Nike, among others. He won several 1st place trophies for speeches he gave during grade school. His mother replaced all of his 1st place trophies with his lone 2nd place one as a means of motivation. Diagnosed with Low Latent Inhibition, he shares a combination of high intelligence and a low level of latent inhibition with geniuses including Edgar Allan Poe, Bobby Fischer, Socrates, Nikola Tesla, and Sir Isaac Newton. [+]
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