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"The Texas Music Scene has been in need of some good old straight up Rock & Roll. The Joey Green Band is here to provide that. I've had the enjoyment of watching this band grow and develop and am proud to be spinning their music. Their latest album Vinyl Destination is truly an album that should catapult them onto the national scene. Catch them now before they start selling out stadiums." - Shayne Hollinger Program/Music Director Mandatory FM Don’t put all your eggs in one basket? Just an old saying or a creed? To a band considered “Fort Worth’s best kept secret’’, it is most definitely a creed. Joey Green grew up in Texas having classic country music pounded into his brain by his father, who knew he would be so…well..not that? At age 13, Joey started performing with every opportunity he had. From talent shows to church camp, it was becoming quite obvious that success was in reach for Joey. By his senior year of high school , he was already performing in venues around Fort Worth. After the freshman release of “Outside the Circle” in the summer of 2004, the Joey Green Band started their new idea of being the band that fits just about anywhere. To them, being just country or just rock or punk, would limit the opportunities to be successful. “ Let’s just be us and nothing else.” , they say. After a few roster changes in the band’s line-up, this one has finally stuck. The addition of guitarist Noah Garcia in ‘04 has brought maturity and showmanship to a whole new level for the Joey Green Band. With his solid blues rock riffs and killer vocal harmonies, and the fact that him and Joey have been life long friends since age three, there was no question this was a great decision. After the frustration of changing bassists like you’d change your oil, Joey and Noah met up with a young, anxious, and fresh out of high school kid named Lucas. Lucas Dewitt has musician written all over his face. All was well with the band until the news that the drummer of four years was leaving the band. When the news sank in, it was a searching frenzy. Ten or more drummers auditioned. Anthony “Kick” Castillo got the job. Not only was kick the best drummer, he was also Joey’s neighbor. The band is complete. To the men and women and children of Fort Worth…your secret is no longer. With the sophomore release of “Vinyl Destination” on Smith Music there will be no stopping the Alt-Country-Pop-Punk-Rock train of the Joey Green Band. [+]
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