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Joseph "Joe" Martin Welle (better known as Joe Weller) is a YouTuber and gamer. He is a member of the YouTube group The Sidemen and calls his personal fanbase "The Buxton Army."



On June 22, 2012, Joe Weller joined YouTube as Nueva Films.[1] His most popular videos include his comedy sketches posing as soccer players (including Cristiano Ronaldo[10] and Mario Balotelli) and performing wrestling finishers. However, Weller is arguably best-known for his commentary while playing FIFA; he begins most of those videos with his catchphrase, "Yo guys! So..."[20]


Weller's channel currently has over 4.5 million subscribers as of September 17, 2017.[1]  


Youtube Video
Joe Weller & Elliot Crawford's music video for "Queen & a Double"

Weller has a side career in house music. He has a total of 10 original songs uploaded on his channel, many of which are based on football. These songs include "Ronaldo Chop,"[12] and the "World Cup Song."[13]


Weller also has three non-related football songs on his channel, "Wanna Do,"[24] "Far from You,"[28] "Queen and a Double," [23] and "Mission,"[29] "Wanna Do" was in the Top 30 in the UK Charts and it is also Weller's highest charted song.[20]

Beef with KSI

In 2017, fellow YouTuber and former Sidemen member KSI got into a feud with Joe Weller's friend Wroetoshaw (Harry Lewis). They uploaded diss tracks about one another on their respective YouTube channels. Subsequently, KSI created a poll for his audience about which Sidemen member he should fight; Weller won 62% of the vote.[31]


Weller and KSI had some online beef of their own, uploading diss tracks to each other. They have officially booked a boxing match against each other; the match is scheduled for February 2018.[20]


On September 10, 2017, Joe Weller and KSI met for a press conference to promote their boxing match.[14] Near the end, during their face-to-face confrontation, KSI talked trash to Joe Weller and asked him, "Do you need drugs to stay sane?" Weller responded by asking him if he was "taking a piss at [people who suffer from depression]." After KSI apologized to anyone who was offended, Weller mentioned that his comments were made on World Suicide Prevention Day.[22]


Joe Weller formed a brand called Weezy with fellow Sidemen member Calfreezy.

Personal Life

Youtube Video
Joe Weller on his sister's YouTube channel

Joe Weller has one sister, Amy Weller, who is also on YouTube.


He played in the Wembley Cup in 2015 and scored, but lost in the 2016 Wembley Cup (while captaining Weller Wanderers).

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