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After their last band broke up due to unremembered reasons, Trevor, Shawn, and Grant found themselves without a band for a while. Each member continued to create music, however, and when Trevor and Grant learned of Shawn's music project he was calling "Jeta Grove", the three decided to join up again, each adding their own flavor to the mix. The combined result was music laced with punk, metal, prog, ambiance, alternative rock, and indie.
Motivated by their love of writing, playing, and performing creative music, despite what the trends might be, Jeta Grove took off faster than Fallen Justice ever did. Their creative boundaries were expanded greatly, a result in a more diverse taste in music in each band member. Drawing influence from bands such as Nirvana, The Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., Black Sabbath, Interpol, Pink Floyd, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ash, System of a Down, QOTSA, The Flaming Lips and Genisis to name a few, Jeta Grove's sound is easy to identify, yet nearly impossible to label. The songs are driven by swinging rhythms and intoxicating melodies, and can range from keyboard laced dance beats to sludgy rhythms that make your feet feel like they're stuck in the mud.
Jeta Grove decided it was very important to play shows as much as they could, headlining at shows in Dallas, Ft. Worth, McKinney, Denton, and Plano. Jeta Grove is noted for having a natural approach to their stage presence, free of gimmicky choreography. You can feel the passion and soul that goes into their performance, and the atmosphere is always a comfortable one. Most people are pleasantly surprised by the unique rock music in an age that's mostly dominated by glammed up, cookie-cutter hardcore bands.
Most recently, Jeta Grove has been "in the studio." Why the quotations? Because they've actually chosen to go the independent route, setting up a makeshift studio in Shawn's bedroom, where all the recording was done, while Trevor works on the mixing there and whenever he finds time at home. Originally their intentions were just to release one album, but while they were at it, they wound up recording two EP's, "A Purposeful Accident", which released in April 2013, and "Check This Out!", which is set to release at the end of May. "Celestial Currents", the highly anticipated debut album, is set to release before the summer ends. The goal is to release the album for free online and for as cheap as possible at shows, choosing a strategy of exposure over profit.
With their unique spin on rock music, Jeta Grove dreams of heralding in a new generation of young rock bands that value individuality over conformity, bring people of different musical backgrounds together, inspiring others to take a creative approach to music, and maybe eventually make enough at their shows to avoid having to get "real jobs". [+]
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