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Jesse Lacy Trio likes to keep things simple. The group experiments with its history in classical music to create a folk sound. Lacy plays guitar, sings lead vocals and is the group’s songwriter. He said he released his debut solo album, “First Steps,” in 2013. Since then, Lacy said he went on tour around the East Coast, where he performed 16 dates in 13 different cities.

Since the tour, Lacy said he has been performing with the Jesse Lacy Trio, made up of Wade Van Orman playing keyboard and singing harmonies and Sam Loeck playing upright bass.

“Jesse Lacy Trio was formed with a notebook of new songs and an interest in refining the sound, but meeting Wade and Sam was serendipitous,” Lacy said. “Wade joined this past summer, and Sam started with us in 
September.” The three live in Bloomington, and Loeck said he is currently pursuing his masters at the Jacobs School of Music. Additionally, Lacy graduated IU with a degree in English and a minor in 

“To write music, it is all about the integrity of the song,” Lacy said. “It’s writing and the performance.”

Loeck said he began taking lessons for upright bass at 8 years old and that his main love is in classical or orchestral music, but he also enjoys playing both upright and electric bass in non-classical settings. Loeck said playing in the Jesse Lacy Trio is a good way for him to get his head out of the realm of classical bass.

“I really enjoy experimenting with how to build just the right bass line for the particular song at hand,” Loeck said. “Sometimes it’s easy to let things get too complicated and flashy, but for a song to come together and work as a whole, you have to make decisions about what and when not to play so that your part jives well with everything else, you have to find the right balance.”

Orman said he spent several years in Nashville, Tenn., to hone his songwriting skills. He said he believes his motto, “do not harm,” applies perfectly to his role in the Jesse Lacy Trio, which is to play the song in order to enhance its meaning but not overwhelm it.

“Jesse is a pleasure to play with because he has that rare combination of poetic sensibility and business smarts,” Orman said. “Plus, the satisfaction of helping the trio realize the best arrangements keeps a perpetual grin on my face.”

Jesse Lacy Trio said this winter, the group will finish an album due for release in the spring or summer 2016 and will soon release a tour schedule.

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