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Jennifer Hale is an award-winning news and sports journalist. She works for Fox Sports​ as a sideline reporter for the NFL​ on Fox and as an NBA courtside reporter. [6]​ [5]​ [4]​ [2]​ [1]


Hale received a Bachelor's degree​ in political science from Louisiana State University​, where she captained the school’s cheerleading program. She completed her undergraduate studies at LSU’s Honors College, and was named LSU’s Homecoming Queen and Miss LSU. [4]


She later earned a Master's degree​ from Medill School of Journalism​. [4]


She began her journalism career as a political and investigative reporter/anchor after earning a master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and attending the Fund for American Studies​s’ Institute on Political Journalism at  Georgetown University​. [4]


In 2009, the RIAS​ Commission chose her as a fellow to travel to Germany and study US-German relations, as well as the evolution of former East German cities since the fall of communism​. [4]


After completing the RIAS Fellowship, Hale proceeded to anchor a four-hour morning show for WVUE-TV​, covering a wide variety of topics from politics and sports, to the city’s culinary and musical scene. [4]


She published her first book, "Historic Plantations of Alabama's Black Belt" in 2009. [4]

Personal Life

She hails from New Orleans, Louisiana​. [4]

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