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Jeff Price is a Queen-influenced progressive musician from Southern California. His works are often piano and voice heavy, and with a vocal range of over four octaves, his recorded songs has a penchant for overdubbed choirs, soaring leads, a multitude of backing vocals, and even a self duet. These vocals are reproduced live, helping his shows be fairly big and theatrical for a soloist. In fact, for his second ever performance he was asked to fill in on a battle of the bands; with no time to prepare and about twenty minutes to be on stage, he stole the show and won the competition.
Jeff started making music in high school after discovering Queen, and continued recording while completing his BS and MS from UC Riverside. The album he produced, "The Theatric Fantastic," feels more like a twist on an opera than a typical singer/songwriter album. And with true Indie DIY ethic, he handles every aspect, including the writing, performance, production, artwork, and business (which makes the third person perspective of this biography a bit suspicious).

You can also watch his live reels:
http://youtu.be/LPwnReJCUfE [+]
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