Jeanswest is an Australian apparel chain store that's owned and operated by Glorious Sun. It operates in the market of casual clothes with denim playing an integral part in the product range. Its main rival is Just Jeans which has a similar range of clothing and denim.


Jeanswest has over 215 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. The first Jeans West store opened in Perth, Western Australia in 1972. By 1984, there were 28 stores across Western Australia. In 1985, Jeanswest branched into Queensland, followed by New South Wales in 1987 and Victoria in 1992. In 1993 the company expanded to China . Glorious Sun took over the company in 1994, when there were over 150 stores nationally across Australia. The first store in New Zealand opened in 1996; the company later expanded to the Middle East.The brand is additionally represented in Mauritius under the name "Jeanswest Australia."