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Hi, I'm Jay Decay and I play folk-punky kinda stuff. I wanna start the tour in Northern California, where I'm from, and want to head South first, then all the way up to around Seattle. It's just me and my acoustic guitar, and I'm willing to play anywhere. Backyards, cafes, dive bars, living rooms, garages.

All I need to play is possibly some gas money to make it to my next show. I give away all my music for free, but if someone happens to buy a T-Shirt or a physical CD, I can usually make ends meet. Food/crash spots are also cool, but not necessary. I've done some traveling with some bands, and I'm not picky, I just wanna do this for fun before I get too old.

These dates locations are all tentative and can be changed to suit being able to play somewhere.

Feb. 15th - Chico, CA
Feb 16th - Sacramento
Feb 17th - Bay Area
Feb 18th - Bakersfield
Feb 19th - LA Area
Feb 20th - ??? Redding, CA Possibly
Feb 21st - Eugene, OR
Feb 22nd - Portland
Feb 23rd - Olympia, WA
Feb 24th - Seattle

If you want to check out my music, here's some shitty recordings I have, the new album is going to be much different:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JayDecayAE

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JayDecay

Website: http://jaydecay.byethost7.com

Any contacts, help getting a show together, fingers in the right direction would be much obliged. Thanks, for taking the time to check this out! [+]
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