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Growing up, Jason knew he had a gift in music, but didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do. Therefore, he decided to try to do it all. Being a self-taught drummer and pianist, the producer created his own sound, which he feels is necessary in this time of music. Jason grew up as a “band nerd”. Not a true nerd, but a “band nerd”, which is just someone who loved band class and excelled in it. Although being a drummer all through elementary, middle and high school, Jason loved the sound of the full band and the full orchestra. His love for all instruments and how they would all fit perfectly together is what help mold the sound that he has. Whether it’s mellow tracks with pianos,strings, muted trumpets and a smooth bass line, or whether it’s an anthem with heavy brass, marcato strings, choir voices, tubular bells, timpanis’, with some trap snares and 808’s, the producer has the drive, quality and sound that can put you in whatever mood you need to be in at that time.
I love music. I genuinely love music. Not this trash people are consuming these days. I mean music. I didn’t grow up listening to this stuff that the media is pushing. I grew up listening to gospel, oldies, old school r&b and hip-hop. Like, legitimate hip-hop. With that being said, if you listen to the instrumentation of records from Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, The Temptations, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, 112, Outkast, etc., you’ll hear some of the funkiest bass lines, with authentic horns, live drums. All this stuff man. That’s what gets me excited. I’ll be riding down through Decatur or something with the windows down listening to Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Wagner. Truthfully, you might catch me listening to some N’Sync and Backstreet Boys. Why? Because it was music. It was actually musical. Everything about everyone I named, and more that weren’t mentioned was musical. Everything was in perfect harmony, and the right instruments were chosen, to go with the right song. That’s music man. That’s what I aim to give people. Music. Real music.
– Jason Stephens – [+]
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