Jammit is a 1994 computer basketball game for the 3DO, MS-DOS, Sega Genesis and SNES. It was developed by GTE Vantage Inc. and published by GTE Entertainment.


The game features arcade-styled 1-on-1 street basketball, like NBA Jam or College Slam. Player can choose from three playable characters.


Quick-Draw McGraw of GamePro reviewed that the 3DO version has better graphics and audio than the earlier Genesis and SNES versions, but not to the extent that one would expect from the far more powerful hardware. He additionally criticised the jerkiness of the characters' moves, but acknowledged that there were quite few street-ball games to offer competition, especially on the 3DO. A reviewer for Next Generation gave it two out of five stars, likewise stating that the 3DO version fails to offer significant enhancement over the versions on less powerful consoles. He added that "In the end though, what kills this one is that the controls are so sluggish you'd think your Nikes had melted to the blacktop."