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Jameson Elder is marking a new step in his musical journey with the release of his EP The Home I’ve Never Known. Jameson has spent the last few years preparing for this release and it comes with honest and a transparent lyrics that accompany music that is thought out and well navigated.
Jameson began his musical endeavor early in life, starting with the piano and progressing to the guitar at age 12. In high school his guitar teacher let him borrow Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits album. “It just made sense to me. Everything on that record was instinctual. Nothing was forced, nothing was showy.”
In 2007, the Atlanta-bred musician packed his bags and headed to Nashville to embark on a road that many before him have traveled. Determined to find his own way and his own voice, Jameson set his sights on the production and performance of his own music. The Home I’ve Never Known is the latest chapter in that journey.
The Home I’ve Never Known was a Kickstarter funded project that is co-produced by Jameson and Dewey Boyd. “Dewey and I worked together at the Smoakstack in Nashville. We’re comfortable around each other, and making music together just made sense”. Jameson invited other talented friends to play on this EP to create a community project, a work that would bring together several different voices to bring his songs to life. “I have so many freakishly talented musician friends. I love it when we’re all just sitting in a room and seeing what happens musically, so that’s really how we approached this record”. Jameson's soulful tenor guides listeners through an eclectic array of roots-rock in his newest EP, The Home I've Never Known. These 5 songs will leave you wanting much more."
Jameson is no stranger to the stage and has performed across the country at legendary venues like The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and Eddie's Attic in Decatur, Georgia, where James won [insert contest details.] [insert eddie quote.] Jameson recently received another distinction by being selected to perform on the Lightning 100 Acoustic Stage during the fall season of Musicians Corner in Nashville''s Centennial Park. "Jameson has a knack for writing pop hooks," said John Tumminello, Executive Director of Musicians Corner. "It's wonderful to be able to support his career by providing an opportunity for him to perform for a larger audience."

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