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The enigmatic James Santarella has spent his life creating music.
Growing up in a musical family, as a baby he would cry for records to be
played in the house and would sit in front of the speakers and rock back and forth.
His musical ambitions were solidified when he was taken to his first concert at 10 years old.
The concert was Paul McCartney at Giants Stadium.

On May 13th, 2014 James will independently release his first solo album Shining Wizard
(named after the professional wrestling maneuver, which is a flying kick to your opponents head).
The album has an eclectic personality that is all Santarella.
Aside from the stellar bass tracks laid down by James' father, bassist Tone Santarella, it is all him.
The melodies, the guitars, the bass, the drums, the keyboard parts, they are all flowing from the
musical brain of James Santarella.
Maybe it was all of those records from way back when?

Honing his skills for many years playing little clubs in New York City.
Making friends and enemies. Forming bands and quiting bands.
It has all led to this moment in time.
These eleven songs he has woven together may prove to be the ones that take
James Santarella to the heights of music making that he has fought to obtain for all of these years. [+]
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