Jamal (Arabic: جمال‎‎ Jamāl/Ǧamāl ) is an Arabic masculine given name, meaning beauty. The use of this name is widespread across the Muslim world.

In Egypt the name is pronounced [ɡæˈmæːl] and so is normally spelled Gamal . Tunisians might spell it Jamel. In Turkish, the name is transliterated as Cemal, Albanian as Xhemal and in Bosnian as Džemal.

Notable people with this given name

Jamal Lalaoui ( born 1970 ), Belgian broker and financial planner

Džemal Bijedić (1917–1977), Bosnian Communist politician

Notable people with this surname

Fictional characters


  • Jamal (band), Polish hip hop, ragamaffin, reggae and dancehall band