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Well known for his role in the TV movie Bad Hair Day, he was cast in the television series Rolston Rye's Guide to LA in 2014. Raised Amish with only brothers and never allowed to leave the farm he grew up on, he did not talk to a girl other than his mother until he landed in Los Angeles for the first time. By Amish tradition, he is allowed to date 27 women before he must choose one to be his wife. He was taken with the silver screen mere moments into the first film he ever watched, Juice, at the age of 22. He moved from Munich at age 23 to Los Angeles where he lived in a hostel for 3 months before settling in a comfortable nine-bedroom mansion. He was born to Austrian parents Shesa and Lil Manley and raised alongside his 12 brothers with German as their first language. His favorite actors include Bill Pullman, Shaq, and Dennis Haysbert. [+]
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