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Jacob Wohl is CEO of Montgomery Assets, a Hedge fund based in Beverly Hills, California


He is the son of David Wohl (Attorney)​.

Early Life

Wohl grew up in Corona, California in the Inland Empire and attended Santiago High School (Corona, California). An athlete, Jacob was a member of his school's football and basketball teams. After watching several economics courses online from Harvard and Yale, Jacob launched his first hedge fund at age 16.[11] His first investors were his classmates and as his success grew, their parents, teachers, and coaches began to invest with Jacob.[11] He received attention from around the world for being the youngest hedge fund manager of all time. [6]

Investment Strategy and Views on Hedge Funds

Jacob's Office in Beverly Hills, California

Jacob Wohl manages fixed income and interest rate trading for Montgomery Assets. He utilizes a value based strategy to invest in bonds, overlaid with a quantitative hedging system.[13]


Jacob views hedge funds as a vehicle "for the rich to get richer" and is critical of the current regulatory system in place. He says that the entire system needs to be reformed in order to give the average citizen the opportunity to invest in hedge funds.[15]

Regulatory Issues and Resolvement

In August 2016, the National Futures Association, a self-regulator of the US Futures market, banned Wohl for violation of rule 2-15 "Failure to cooperate with the NFA". Wohl contends that he was not a member of the organization when they attempted to perform an examination and thus had no obligation to cooperate.[5] In addition, Jacob's father describes the behavior of NFA officials as "regulatory thuggery" and they filed a complaint with the Los Angeles Police Department.[12] Jacob was investigated by the Securities And Exchange Commission but was ultimately cleared of wrongdoing.

Twitter Presence

Jacob is extremely active on Twitter where he describes himself as a financial and political commentator.[3] Although he describes himself as apolitical, Jacob has become a vocal supporter of Trump on the platform and in July 2017 was retweeted by the President when he criticized the media.[5]  [7]  Wohl is the youngest person to be retweeted by a sitting President of the United States. As of August 2017, Jacob garnered over 58K followers.[3]

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