Seán William McLoughlin (born 7 February 1990), known through his online pseudonym jacksepticeye, is an Irish producer, game commentator, and internet personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series on video games, loud and abrupt yet gentle nature, and occasional vlogs on YouTube.

McLoughlin started his YouTube career in 2012, but started gaining a massive follower base after winning a PewDiePie shout-out competition in 2013, with his online presence growing after three years. He represents his channel with his fictional partner and avatar, Sam, a green infected "septic eye" with a tail.

As of 10 November 2016, his channel has over 13.0 million subscribers, over 5.8 billion total views, and is currently the 33rd most subscribed channel on YouTube.

McLoughlin co-hosted the South by Southwest event in March 2016.

Personal life

McLoughlin was born on 7 February 1990, in Ireland. One of his older brothers, Malcolm McLoughlin, is additionally a writer.

McLoughlin was a drummer in an indie metalcore band named Raised to the Ground.


Early career and interest

McLoughlin first joined YouTube on 24 February 2007, under the username "Jacksepticeye". He started his YouTube career with a Solid Snake impression uploaded on 12 November 2012, and began producing let's play videos of Far Cry 3 and Dark Souls shortly after. His older videos are considered to be significantly "calmer" than his newer ones, which is the reason why he calls himself the "most energetic video game commentator on YouTube".

McLoughlin got his name "Jack" from his mother and subsequently friend, who gave him the nickname when he was young. His friends started calling him "Jacksepticeye" after he got cut in the eye by his friend's glasses in an accident that happened when he was playing soccer. According to him, the wound bled for quite a few time and became infected after a few weeks, hence the name "Jacksepticeye".

McLoughlin has various series on games, where the episodes of a particular series are spaced out with usually three to five days in between. One of the two non-video-game series he does is "Reading Your Comments", where he responds to different tones on various social media sites, ranging from mean comments to supportive ones. The second is regular vlogs, where he usually talks about his life or the current events to do with the channel. Most videos contain strong language.

PewDiePie shout-out and continued growth

The channel first began to grow in September 2013 after PewDiePie announced his channel as a winner of his "shout-out competition" for aspiring YouTubers with a modest number of subscribers, at the time his channel had around 2,000 subscribers, and within a year that figure had grown to over 1,000,000.

In May 2016, his channel surpassed the 10 million subscribers point.

Antisepticeye Halloween

In October 2016, he created a frenzy within his fanbase when he started dropping hints about an evil alter ego, Antisepticeye, on his social media accounts and on his videos when his facecam would glitch to show someone else moving frantically among static. It finally came to a climax on Halloween, when throughout a seemingly normal vlog with McLoughlin carving a Jack-O-Lantern he suddenly looks right at the camera and slits his own throat. He said in another vlog later that day he was inspired by the Five Nights At Freddy's game series.

James Farr Animation Collaboration

In January 2015, James Farr began animating a large number of videos in conjunction with McLoughlin based on his documentation of the following games: