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Ismail Malik is a blockchain​ researcher and ICO strategist based in London​.[2]



Blockchain and ICOs

Ismail is the Founder and CEO of Blockchain lab where he develops blockchain technology for a variety of applications.[2]​ He is especially interested in how smart contracts​ can operate at a macro-level to help cities run more efficiently as shown in his projects ChainX and SmartLedger.[2]​ Malik is the Editor-in-Chief of ICO CROWD, the world's first publication dedicated to ICOs.[2]​ Ishmail is the Co-Founder of 'Credits,' a cryptocurrency​ protocol that aimed to have both flexibility and scalability.[2]



Mlaik was the Director of the IdasLab at College Space where he created a learning hub between Cambridge​ and London​ and Decentrailized Tech Lab for Space & Noise intensive applications.[2]​ He helped develop Open/Social TV over Local Mesh Wiki for the Startup's in the Creative Tech Business enterprise sector around East Shoreditch in London for Shoreditch Startup Media.[2]



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