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The IQ airdrop or Everipedia airdrop was a cryptocurrencyIQ token airdrop​ happened on 12 July 2018. EOS token holders who registered the Ethereum​ address for the EOS genesis snapshot before June 2nd received free IQ at a 5.1:1 ratio, i.e. 5.1 IQ for every 1 EOS held.[1][6][10]

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IQ Airdrop Underway! EVERYTHING You Need To Know About EVERIPEDIA!


Shortly after, the functionality to stake IQ tokens for Brain Power​ became operational on Everipedia​'s blockchainencyclopedia​ at iqnetwork.io, after login with Scatter​.[5]


Chaince​ became the first cryptocurrency exchange​ to support IQ deposit, withdrawal and trading​ pairs at 10:00 UTC.[8]​ The price of IQ in EOS can be  seen on Chiance.[12]


Below is a list of cryptocurrency exchanges​ supporting the IQ airdrop:

Chaince support graphic


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