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The original music of The Insufferables continues the tradition of eccentric San Francisco bands such as The Mutants, the Tubes, Buck Naked and others, and is evocative of R.E.M., X, and the B52s. They present jangle and crunch guitars, frequently in the same song, and unusually articulate vocals in the idiom of Lux interior or Standard Ridgeway that convey our important messages of love, animal welfare or ice-cream men. They were formed in 2009 by a handful of music geeks looking for a loud outlet to express the songs trapped within.

The lead singer, Keith Insufferable, is an unfrozen caveman story-teller and bartender.
Carolyn Insufferable, formerly guitarist for the seminal punk bands The Profalactics and The Varve, plays sloppy rhythm guitar and sings backup.
Gene Insufferable, who formerly played classical guitar mostly for his cat, plays crisp arpeggios and leads for those jangle songs.
Ram Fenster plays bass and signs backup.
DK Insufferable, our drummer joining in 2015, who has played with many, many San Francisco bands and in many, many venues, lends a harder sound to the band.

The band is currently recording new songs with our new drummer. The EP's "Edge of Control" released in 2014, and "Fire Bad!!" released in 2013, are available for sale on itunes, and for streaming on Soundcloud, Spotify, Rhapsody, Rdio, iTunes radio, Amazing tunes in the UK, MTVartists, and a ton of other places on the web.

Check out our website at www.insufferables.com or visit us on Facebook. [+]
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