Innerpartysystem (often stylized as InnerPartySystem) was an American electronic rock band. The group consisted of Patrick Nissley, Jared Piccone and Kris Barman. The band was well known for their live performance lighting largely by Andrew Nissley and videos directed by Stephen Penta.

The band was named for a term used in the George Orwell novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Their debut EP The Download EP was released in November 2007 and their debut self-titled album in late September 2008. As of late 2008 the band started releasing seasonal mixtapes, new remixes including Ladyhawke's track "Paris Is Burning" and Katy Perry's "Hot n Cold". In May 2009 the band digitally released the UK equivalent of The Download EP, entitled Heart of Fire. As of October 2009, the band worked towards their EP Never Be Content, which was released in February 2011.

After rumours circulated the internet on Jesse Cronan leaving the band, it was confirmed on March 3, 2010 by a blog post by Cronan. Cronan stated that his reasons for leaving were because he felt "unsatisifed and unmotivated".

On August 3, 2011, Innerpartysystem issued a statement that the band was going on indefinite hiatus. They performed their last shows at the end of August.

Origin of name

Explaining the origin of the band name, Piccone is quoted as saying:

In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four social classes were defined as the inner party, outer party, and the working class. It sounds really "holier than thou" when you say it, we're really not this full of ourselves, but we liked the idea of creating this full, multimedia, over-stimulating, elitist environment that we were trying to invite everyone into. It's the ironic elitist class.


Early years and formation (2000–07)

Before singer Patrick Nissley and drummer Jared Piccone started Innerpartysystem, both of them were playing in Reading emo band Thirteen Over Eight. Piccone joined in 2000, a few years after their inception. Though the group enjoyed a fair local response, things didn't take off until the two started the electronic-inspired The Takeover in 2006, which was later renamed Innerpartysystem. Nissley is the primary songwriter and programmer, along with Kris Barman who plays guitar and keyboards. Piccone plays drums and Jesse Cronan played keyboards and samples. The band signed to Stolen Transmission in May 2007. "Heart of Fire" was played throughout the 2007 MTV VMAs in September just before the band released The Download EP a couple of months later.

Innerpartysystem (2008–09)

The band released their first music in May 2008 for their lead album single "Don't Stop". The self-titled album was later released on the September 29, 2008. "Don't Stop" has been used in the EA Sports game Madden NFL 09, as well as being made into the first 7 inch "vinyl" made out of chocolate. "Heart of Fire" appeared on the soundtrack for Criterion Games' Burnout Paradise. The instrumental of the song "This Empty Love" from the band's album was later featured in the racing video game, Need for Speed: Undercover.

The band spent the summer touring in anticipation of their album release, playing numerous dates with Kill Hannah and Mindless Self Indulgence, as well as playing Chicago's Lollapalooza festival and a two-week UK tour which included two dates on Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution tour and the O2 Wireless Festival in London's Hyde Park.

"Die Tonight Live Forever", the band's second single and video, were released in September 2008.

The band's self-titled debut album was released on September 29, 2008 in the United Kingdom and September 30 in the United States. The band went on to tour in support of their newly released album with a short UK tour in October and subsequent US tour supporting 3OH!3. The band continued to tour the US and then headed back to the UK towards an almost sold-out UK tour in January 2009 before a short return in the US and then went to Australia for the first time to take part in the 2009 annual Soundwave festival.

Innerpartysystem at TNT Bar, 2008.

The band have additionally experimented with live stripped down versions of their songs played using various downloadable music-related applications on the iPhone. They played Don't Stop live in this manner on a couple of radio stations before being asked to perform a free five-track set in an Apple Store in London. They later performed on the famous Warped Tour across in the summer of 2009 in North America.

On June 30, 2009, the band announced on their official Myspace and Facebook pages that they have parted ways with their label, Island Records. They wrote: "There are a few really amazing, overworked, underpaid, stressed out people who love music, working quite hard there… and there are a handful of people who just didn't really understand this band, and didn't know how to react when 'Don't Stop' wasn't 'Just Dance'. Our bad there." The same day, they announced the creation of their new forum site, where they put up a free download of their new summer mixtape, Summertime in Gameland, which features previously released remixes that the band has made. Also posted are stems of their songs that fans can download for free and remix.

On October 9, the band sent out their October Newsletter stating that September had been "much busier than expected". "Writing and demo-ing for the new record has been going full steam and it looks like we have 15 ideas that are over the bar set by the last record." The band additionally said that they would "probably head into the studio early next year."

Never Be Content and new record label (2010–July 11)

The band released an album teaser on February 16, teasing several new songs, of which fans on the band's message board reacted most highly to American Trash, which was consequently released as independently as a download-only single on May 18, with an early preview uploaded to the band's Myspace on April 16, 2010. On August 2 the band signed to Red Bull Records, stating they had been brainstorming ideas with the label and that the label have been "an overall positive influence on Innerpartysystem after the day they came into our lives".

Piccone tweeted that a new album should be released in 2011. Jared tweeted that a new 6-song EP would be released in January 2011 and that a UK tour was planned for the same year. The band are booked to play a one off London show in January 2011. This year will bring a two-part release for the band: a 6-song EP Never Be Content and a full-length album later this year. Never Be Content was hinted to be released in January 2011, but was given a digital release date of February 22 and a physical release date of March 29. The press release has stated that the EP's sound will see the band's previous punk-rock genre fade as the EP concentrates more on electronic dance music.

Innerpartysystem returned to the UK in March, April and May for various festivals, headline and support slots. The band went on to release another song from their Never Be Content EP in July 2011, entitled "Not Getting Any Better", the longest song they have created to date.

Indefinite hiatus

On August 3, 2011, Innerpartysystem announced via e-mail to fans that they have decided to go on an indefinite hiatus:

We find ourselves struggling to find the right way to start this statement to you all. Maybe a clever anecdote, or short storey with a few witty but true moral is in order? Nah, lets just stick to the facts. You all have been beyond amazing to us, and you deserve nothing less than the honest truth.

innerpartysystem is going on indefinite hiatus. We aren't breaking up nor do we hate each other. As a matter of fact, we're all great friends. BROTHERS. Our experiences with this band and the people we've met over the past 6 years have shaped us into who we're today. We will without a doubt look back on these times with nothing but positive thoughts and feelings.

They finished up their remaining shows after this message was sent. The three remaining members are all pursuing solo efforts and don't know if the band will get back together in the future.

Their song "And Together" is included in the soundtrack for the live action feature film Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012), based on the best selling graphic novel of the same name.

Nissley has been producing for the likes of Skrillex collaborator Penny, Piccone has been producing under the aliases Spacebrother and Rebel, and Barman has been producing under the alias Wuki.

Band members

Although the band consists of three members, Andrew Nissley plays a significant part in sound mixing, lighting design, looping and backing vocals. Stephen Penta additionally plays an important part in the videography for the band as well as part of the management for the band.

Former members


Studio releases

Release dateTitleLabel
September 30, 2008InnerpartysystemIsland

Extended plays

Release dateTitleLabel
November 12, 2007The Download EPStolen Transmission
February 22, 2011Never Be ContentRed Bull


Release dateTitleLabel
June 29, 2009Summertime in GamelandSelf-released
November 11, 2009Innerpartysystem Winter MixtapeSelf-released
Mini-mixtape vol. 1 (Spring 2010)Self-released
Mini-mixtape vol. 2 (Spring 2010)Self-released



YearRemixed songOriginal artistAppears onRemixed by
2008"Hot n Cold"Katy PerryGerman and UK singlePatrick, Kris
2009"Paris is Burning"LadyhawkeEuropean single
"Kings and Queens"Thirty Seconds to MarsDigital download EP
"Circuits of Fever"ThursdayCommon ExistenceJesse
"B-Boys in the Cut"Beastie BoysJared
"Don't Trust Me"3OH!33OH!3 / Innerpartysystem Split 7"Patrick
2010"My First Kiss"My First Kiss Remix EP??
"Burn It Down"AwolnationBack From Earth
"Fire In Your New Shoes"KaskadeSingle
"California Gurls"Katy PerryCalifornia Gurls: The Remixes
"Like It's Her Birthday"Good CharlotteLike It's Her Birthday: The Remixes
"Hot Mess"Cobra StarshipTake Action Volume 9Patrick
"Catch Myself Catching Myself"UnderoathØ
"Enemy Among Us" (Version 1)Paper RouteAdditions: The RemixesJared
"New York City Speed"Kill HannahMaxi single
"Human Nature"Brad WalshUnhitched, RestitchedJared, Patrick
"Human After All"Twin AtlanticSinglePatrick, Kris, Jared
"Fame"David Bowie
 ??"Talk Like That"The Presets?? ??
"Human" (Version 1)The KillersJesse
"Human" (Version 2)Kris
"Enemy Among Us" (Version 2)Paper Route
"She Loves Me So" (Version 1)Anthony Green
"She Loves Me So" (Version 2)Patrick
"Perfect Symmetry"KeanePatrick, Kris
"Chase Money"Trouble Andrew
2011"Dance with the Devil"The Sounds ?? ??
"Nude"Radiohead ?? ??
"Green Queen"Apoptygma BerzerkBlack EP Vol. 2Jesse
"The Blinding of False Light"As I Lay DyingDecas ??
"Sail"AwolnationRE/Sail ??
"Burn It Down"AwolnationRE/Sail ??
"Lost in Space"StarkeySpace Traitor Vol. 2 ??