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In Confidence. A loaded gun. When trying to communicate sacred information with someone, you preface the conversation with the phrase, "This is in confidence." As if to say, "Keep this between us. Don't tell anyone you don't trust."
This band is more than your average rock band. We have the sound, hopefully. Yes we have songs, sure. We have the 'image' or whatever you want to call it. But we also carry with us a burden. Our burden is for YOU. We know life is difficult. It can be like a hurricane. The ups and downs and twists and turns... all of it is generally laced with difficulty. Let us be honest here. In our music if nowhere else... we want to be honest. We want to take a stand for truth. The truth we stand on and in and want to push you, the listener, toward with everything we have, is that beyond the difficulty... there is always HOPE for LIFE. There is light in the darkness, but you have to seek it out. We want to push you into that journey... and stand with you in the pain of it all.
'In Confidence' is a band that carries a story... three separate stories to be more precise. All stories of life and hardship and the overwhelming theme is that there is hope, even in the most difficult of circumstances. Hope for everyone, no matter the circumstance, to get to a place where life is vibrant and meaningful. Pain and hardship has a point beyond face value... it pushes everyone toward something, what is it pushing you to?
In Confidence is on the brink of something gigantic. We do not know what lies ahead, only what lies beneath the surface of our shallow exteriors. Beneath the surface we are deep, and strong, and motivated. We are unfailingly devoted to playing real music that gives a voice to what really matters in life. Be that love, honesty, strength, integrity, purity, hope, etc. We all face death, but we all have a choice to either live life to the fullest, or shy away and wither to dust. We want to inspire life to the fullest degree, from everyone that hears our music. We are calling you to step up and live life, love hard, and stand up for something. It's your choice. We are walking in confidence to show that nothing is impossible. Let's stop just going through the motions every day and stinking blow the lid off of life and live. In Confidence is a way to live, a way to love, a way to thrive. Come with us.
Three men. Living on the road. Playing songs. Fighting for life and love and honesty. What more could you want, besides something for free. Watch and see, we are the real deal. In Confidence.
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