HoneyHoney (stylized as honeyhoney) is an American alternative folk group based in Los Angeles, California, United States.

The band was formed in 2006 by musician Benjamin Jaffe and musician/model/actress Suzanne Santo. The two met at a costume party and signed a record deal a year later. They originally performed under the name Zanzibar Lewis and were under that name when they signed with Ironworks record label.

Their debut album, First Rodeo, was released on November 4, 2008 under the now-defunct Ironworks record label, run by actor Kiefer Sutherland and friend Jude Cole. Sutherland directed and starred in the group's music video for their song "Little Toy Gun". HoneyHoney toured with Lifehouse, another Ironworks band, at the start of their career. The band released their second studio album, Billy Jack, on Oct 24, 2011 under their own honeyhoney Records/Lost Highway label.

Their third album, "3" was produced by Dave Cobb and released June 9, 2015. The website American Songwriter reviewed it writing, "with a singer-songwriter that exudes the magnetic passion and swaggering star power of Santo, this is a group whose time has come."


Paste Magazine describes honeyhoney's style as "display[ing] the common pop thread between alt.country, spaghetti western soundtracks and swampy blues."

Glide Magazine stated that "honeyhoney deftly mixes elements of folk, soul, country, pop, and rock."


In April 2014, the band travelled to Williamstown, Massachusetts, where Jaffe was raised, to perform a concert on behalf of local music programs. The band is planning a similar concert for schools in Santo's hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.


Suzanne Santo collaborations

  • "On the Shelf" from the album Fool's Gold by Big B
  • "The Game" by Oleg Tumanov
  • "Take Me Away" from the album Starting Ground by Josh Blackburn

In the media

  • Their song "Lullaby" was featured in an anti-smoking ad that featured the grim reaper disguised as an attractive woman who gave out free cigarettes
  • "Little Toy Gun" was featured in a Showtime promo
  • "La River" was used in the series finale of the ABC Television show "Brothers & Sisters."