Hondo might refer to:




  • Hondo, Kumamoto, a former city, merged into the new city of Amakusa in 2006
  • Honshū, Japan's main island, historically called Hondo (本土 main island)

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As a nickname

As a surname

  • Daniel Hondo (born 1982), former cricketer and current rugby union player from Zimbabwe
  • Danilo Hondo (born 1974), German professional cyclist
  • Douglas Hondo (born 1979), Zimbabwean cricketer
  • Med Hondo (born 1936), Mauritanian film director, producer, screenwriter and actor
  • Santiago Hondo (born 1974), Equatoguinean former footballer
  • Yasuji Hondo (本堂 保次) (1918–1997), Japanese baseball player and manager

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