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Hieronymus Bogs is a one-man troupe whose musical performances explore the primitive ties between music, ritual & art.

With a thrift shop afghan for a stage & the faint sound of looped bells, Bogs, garbed in patchwork suit & painted face, sings his peculiar outsider-folk with tender devout, sprinkling songs with poetic recitals & consummating short mystic vignettes that veer off the sacred stage.

The Birth of Hieronymus Bogs-Although he had never made music before the peculiar sounds and voices he heard on Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music awakened a desire, it gave him a confidence to explore musical impulses for the first time in his life. Green for earth, blue for sky and red for fire, each recording intensified his desire and made him eager to experience the outcome of even his most primitive efforts. That night he dreamt he was standing before an enormous hall. From its doors flowed a multitude of odd people, each playing an instrument to the result of a strange and unaffected sound. An oldfangled airship passed overhead. It read, “Welcome Bogs Visionary Orchestra to the Great Hall!” After breakfast he rummaged through his belongings, walked down to St. George Pawn Shop and swapped his fathers vintage coins for a used banjo. [+]
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