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Hayley Geftman-Gold (née Hayley Nicole Lattman) is former Vice President and Senior Counsel of CBS​. [4]​ [8]​ [6]​ [7]

Early Life

She is the daughter of Barbara Lattman and Michael Lattman of New York. Her father retired as a stockbroker with Invest Private Inc., a brokerage firm in New York. Her mother retired as a reading teacher at Public School 15, also in New York. [7]


Hayley earned her Bachelor's degree at University of Pennsylvania​, graduating cum laude.[7]​ Subsequently, Geftman-Gold graduated from Columbia Law School​ in 2000.[4]


Geftman-Gold was previously an Associate at the law firm of Willkie Farr & Gallagher​. She also worked at Heller Ehrman​.


Geftman-Gold also worked as Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs for MTV Networks​. [4]

Personal Life

Hayley is married to Ryan Geftman-Gold​, President of Handoff Business Ventures​. They were married on October 27, 2007. The couple lives in Brooklyn, New York​. 

Mandalay Bay Resort Shooting October 2017

In October 2017, Geftman-Gold angered many Americans by expressing sympathies with a mass shooter in the Mandalay Bay Resort Shooting October 2017​. She wrote: “If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing. I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.” [3]


On October 1, 2017, CBS​ fired Hayley Geftman-Gold for her remarks. [6]


A CBS spokeswoman told Fox News​: 

“This individual, who was with us for approximately one year, violated the standards of our company and is no longer an employee of CBS. Her views as expressed on social media are deeply unacceptable to all of us at CBS. Our hearts go out to the victims in Las Vegas and their families." [6]

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  • Comment
    RonS  •  10/02/2017 09:23:19 PM UTC
    There is a disease growing in this country and this person is a part of it. She has no place in our legal system. The NY Bar Association should review her and make sure that she becomes something that has no contact with real people or decisions that affect other's lives. She is not human.
  • Comment
    Carol  •  10/02/2017 10:22:53 PM UTC
    I cannot even find words to say how cold and cruel this remark was .How could anyone say such a thing..Families lost loved ones in such a horrific way, and you say its okay bacause they are probaby Republicsns..are you kidding me..Some were daughters, sons, husband, wives, grandkids,..and you show no sympathy..You madam are very cold, with a heart of stone..Your ignorance shown brightly today..Thank God, CBS saw who you truly are by your remarks, and terminated you..
  • Comment
    Eddmac  •  10/02/2017 10:37:22 PM UTC
    This reprehensible excuse for a human being has been fired by CBS - good on you CBS. Now she should be banned from the Bar association.
    Such callous comments are absolutely disgusting, I actually feel sick to my stomach after reading what she tweeted. I don't usually comment, but this person is a heinous bitch.

  • Comment
    str8JnPBurgh  •  10/02/2017 10:54:10 PM UTC
  • Comment
    vhwarrior  •  10/02/2017 11:00:24 PM UTC
  • Comment
    vhwarrior  •  10/02/2017 11:05:18 PM UTC
    Hayley Geftman-gold you are a wonderful piece of dung
  • Comment
    vhwarrior  •  10/02/2017 11:13:56 PM UTC
    I pray that you bleed out your last drop of blood as you beg for your life sometime soon. I hope it takes a long and agonizing time for your putrid last breath leaves your body and that you feel every bit of the pain along the way
  • Comment
    Pat  •  10/02/2017 11:39:59 PM UTC
    This is a pathetic excuse for a human being.
    She is entitled to her opinions and speech. CBS did the right thing.
    This is not a political issue.
    Rest in Peace to the dead and Godspeed to the injured and suffering souls.
  • Comment
    MikeClarke  •  10/02/2017 11:51:36 PM UTC
    AHHH, Columbia, spewing out POSs (Eric Holder)for a hundred years.  I can't wait until she starts playing the victim card.  Gotta give credit where credit is due, CBS firing her on the spot was unbelievable.
  • Comment
    Kws235  •  10/02/2017 11:55:41 PM UTC
    This woman deserves to be fired!!!!!! Who would say such a thing!!!!!  Black heart !!!!!!!  Feel sorry for her family!!!!!  Hillary Clinton will hire you!!!!!!
  • Comment
    sjs7@att.net  •  10/03/2017 12:02:08 AM UTC
    Her husband will put her on his payroll. This was a vile Ivy League brat so typical of the left wing radical extremist hate filled Media Moguls who have attacked Trump since the day he announced.
  • Comment
    Democrat1  •  10/03/2017 12:02:22 AM UTC
    What a terrible horrific human being.she thinks all country music fans are republicans..karma will catch up with her how can a person in her position be so ignorant.wow one sad human being.
  • Comment
    Ed2017  •  10/03/2017 12:10:28 AM UTC
    Haley so your OK posing with your child. But could not care less about the murder of someone else holding their child while they are shot just listing to music. Because they are sic gun toting Republicans. Of course you have NO IDEA what political views they actually hold. And who was it again that is sic? I for one have no love for your so called line of work. And sympathy is not a feeling I would have if you were one of the 58 you called SIC. Shakespeare and his character Dick the butcher's quote was written because of people just like you. You sick B---h. Hope you NEVER work again.
  • Comment
    GZettler  •  10/03/2017 12:15:15 AM UTC
    Karma karma karma will get you girlie. Change you wicked ways before it karma gets you. Get down on your knees and pray for God to show you the way, and forgive you. You are warped up.

  • Comment
    surimike  •  10/03/2017 12:17:55 AM UTC
    That's the way... Politicize EVERYTHING!  Your callousness is simply breathtaking.  I certainly hope someone makes the effort to slap some sense into you. Would you have a different take were Little Milo a victim?  You disgust me.
  • Comment
    PJM  •  10/03/2017 12:21:24 AM UTC
    Ms. Geftman-Gold with her comments about this tragedy has demonstrated the essence of what the "deplorables" dislike about the privileged elite who demonstrate that arrogant and unsympathetic disdain for anyone not of their mindset.  Thank goodness that CBS had the good sense to terminate her.  She should be taken to the morgue and allowed to face those poor families that she had no sympathy for.
  • Comment
    Diogenes  •  10/03/2017 12:23:27 AM UTC
    I live in the Bay Area -- and I can tell you that many, many people share this person's views.  Many of them are my Stanford classmates.  While I am nearing the end of my career, I will make it a personal quest to make sure no client of mine ever uses a firm with which she is affiliated -- as well as that of her husband (Handoff Business Venutres).  It would delight me if there were a movement from Child Protective Services to take her children away from her.  I promise you that were she a right-wing extremist, such would be considered.

  • Comment
    CJK666  •  10/03/2017 12:51:19 AM UTC
    Firing is good,  but firing squad is better.  Everyone go to change.org, there is a petition to have this subhuman demon disbarred.  Please sign it.  I would really love to hear how she'd respond to "if your children became republicans as adults, would you be as callous to their shootings as you are to these victims,  who are all someone's children,  parents,  etc.?" I hope she gets doxed and harassed and has to resort to living in a log cabin in Wyoming to not be recognized and scorned.  Ironically,   those areas have quite a few republicans.  Such sweet justice it would be.
  • Comment
    CJK666  •  10/03/2017 12:58:15 AM UTC

    Petition for disbarring of hayley geftman-gold
  • Comment
    rextilleon  •  10/03/2017 01:21:03 AM UTC
    A child of privilege, attends the finest schools and doesn't have the common sense to keep her mouth shut during a moment of tragedy for ALL Americans, liberals and conservatives.  Our civilization is dying if this is how the brightest of our young people think .
  • Comment
    JustEd  •  10/03/2017 01:27:42 AM UTC
    Pure evil human excrement. Her poor family.
  • Comment
    Venny  •  10/03/2017 01:36:22 AM UTC
    I never, ever, comment on any media. But I continuously seek and read what ppl have to say re ongoing high profile stories. This Hayley Geftman-Gold individual has gotten my attention with her despicable words about human tragedy and how such an alleged intellectual can live with themselves after memorializing them in cyberspace. It is ppl like her who cause such divisiveness in America. She and MSNBC would make a good match.
  • Comment
    Roadwolf  •  10/03/2017 01:41:14 AM UTC
    Here's some of that Democrat Party open minded compassion... compassion for everyone except Republicans (hmmm, somewhat hypocritical) ... Because Republicans are not "good Americans", we deserve to be killed...
    I hope someone shows her an equal amount of compassion...firing her is not enough.  This Columbia Law graduate trash needs to have her professional life destroyed.

  • Comment
    Peel  •  10/03/2017 01:41:54 AM UTC
    You give Jewish people a HORRIBLE name. I pity children whose mother's view is so distasteful. And, you are in your 40's. How sad and pathethic
  • Comment
    toto  •  10/03/2017 01:44:41 AM UTC
    She will not get me - I will throw water on her.
    Seriously, this inhuman being is a symptom of the elitist feces matriculating from "institutions" of higher learning (indoctrination centers) and should have her children removed to Child Protective Services. Check all her 'affiliations' she will probably get hired by Southern Poverty Law Center

  • Comment
    gfy1  •  10/03/2017 01:46:55 AM UTC
    I wish this piece of excrement a long & healthy life and memory, so she can remember how much of a failure of a human being she is. I truly hope this follows her until her last breath.
  • Comment
    fogetabouutit  •  10/03/2017 01:55:44 AM UTC
    What kind of sick human being would have thoughts such as these??? Apologizing after you FINALLY figure out how sick, disgusting and evil your comments are does little to eradicate what you showed everyone - you are angry and sick and should seek mental health. Does politics so overwhelm your brain that you only look at things through a political lens? I pity your children's future in having to be influenced by such a sick approach to life. This may be the most heinous comment I have ever read. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Comment
    Dgharry  •  10/03/2017 02:25:00 AM UTC
    This woman represents what the law is fundamentally against - care and comfort for those who can not offer such for themselves.  I hope and expect her right to practice law - her license - is revoked forever!  And her parental rights should be challenged.  She is an awful person
  • Comment
    JasonRoberts  •  10/03/2017 02:35:26 AM UTC
    I guess free speech is not a free as she thinks it is. You cannot say whatever you want, wherever you want, and about whomever you want, without ensuing consequences. I do not have the slightest degree of sympathy for this calloused-hearted woman. If she had a son or daughter that was present for this concert and had been killed or injured, I'm certain that this deplorable comment would have not even entered her mind. I tip my hat to CBS for doing the right thing in removing her from her position. CNN has probably already reached out to her for an interview. She will fit right in with these misguided zealots. Her firing hopefully will send a clear message to others who feel the way she does, but have yet to publicly express their profound ignorance. And that message is.....announce your idiocy and you will soon be unemployed! Columbia Law School should be proud of her!
  • Comment
    Progressives=Criminals  •  10/03/2017 02:35:32 AM UTC
    A Brooklyn jew that hates country music fans? Is anyone surprised? I can tell you that all of her food is grown be people that are gun toting country music fans. I don't wish anything bad for her kids but I do hope she chokes on a country music sandwich.
  • Comment
    justbe333  •  10/03/2017 02:46:33 AM UTC
    this is my concern with this story. this is all within 24 hours, hell she was fired just 4 hours ago. i tried digging to find this chick-      no facebook account.     she deleted it within the day? doubtful. more likely it never existed.   seriously... just basic bulletpoints with minor specifics about her career... but she had time to shutdown her facebook admidst this so soon>?          seriously weird and worthy or inquiry.   does this woman even exist?    quite possibly not.
  • Comment
    Matthewsbelinda  •  10/03/2017 03:01:36 AM UTC
    You are an ass!!
    anf only a couple of days after Yom Kippur
    you will never be forgiven for what you wished on others,
  • Comment
    Ginger  •  10/03/2017 03:21:16 AM UTC
    Contact me at erin@erinsilber.com , 917-579-3756,
    This would be her friends phone number. Call make an appointment to get your picture taken.
  • Comment
    Keyser  •  10/03/2017 03:24:46 AM UTC
    I hope her three children grow up to be Republicans. That'd serve her right. However, that'd be too good for her as she wouldn't understand how their conservative thinking is superior to her liberal-mindedness. I hate how they'll probably end up the same as her. It's a shame that we can't just lock her family away for good. And if her kids have any offspring they should serve their whole lives confined as well.
  • Comment
    jsvascular  •  10/03/2017 03:28:40 AM UTC
    I don't get it. Supposedly educated people, Geftman-Gold, Anthony Scaramucci (a man who would delete pro-Hillary tweets just to suck up for a White House job?!), products of Ivy League law schools, have no sense of propriety? Law school entrance exams don't test for integrity? Yes, we are living in a second civil war, the principles of the founding fathers vs antebellum culture. But let's not, by using insulting, degrading language lie down with those who would continue the monecracy, the greed that guides so many. All the more important to rise above such people and create pathways towards a true democracy. I hope Ms. G-G will learn from this experience.
  • Comment
    Keyser  •  10/03/2017 03:34:26 AM UTC
    jsvascular, she's too old to change her ways. She's a very ill-minded individual, and she needs to be punished. The only realistic way that I can see her being punished is for her to be disbarred. It's not right that a person like this gets to live happily ever after with a spouse and 3 kids while so many others have to suffer. I am not suggesting that life is fair, but at the very least what she worked so hard to attain should be taken away from her.
  • Comment
    Sam Kazemian  •  10/03/2017 03:53:29 AM UTC
    This article has been checked for references and is also being brought forth to the Everipedia Arbitration Committee for a review. So far, the content on this page seems well cited.
  • Comment
    R8der  •  10/03/2017 03:59:45 AM UTC
    Is it possible to list her address and phone info, or will that just bring unwanted scrutiny?

    36 Morton St #3C
    New York


    This is according to Anywho.
  • Comment
    Jake  •  10/03/2017 04:21:03 AM UTC
    People like her are part of the problem we have today. People in powerful places with hearts like hers. I hope she never works on another job making decisions that will affect the lives of others. CBS done the right thing in this matter and they were quick about it. Thanks CBS

  • Comment
    InfiniteVoyage  •  10/03/2017 04:36:06 AM UTC
    You are an inhumane monster, as bad if not worse than the shooter. Garbage like you creates monsters like him by the use of media. May God help die a horrible and painful long-suffering death, preferably very soon. If I called you an animal, it would be an insult to animals and compliment to you.
  • Comment
    Will_Jones  •  10/03/2017 04:45:06 AM UTC
    Hayley Geftman-Gold's "Tribe," Ashkenazim, the descendants of Rome's Khazar cult-impaling "Christ-killers" hired for gold from Gog and Magog, later used to run "the Wall Street of slavery" for Rome's ruling false-elite for over 2,000 years, are raised in the satanic cult psychosis of anti-God, anti-Judaism, anti-American "Rabbinical Talmudism," taught from birth all not of their "de facto" "Synagogue of Satan," all we Americans, are "sub-human animals," "Goyim," "a mindless herd of cattle" their duty is "to lie to, cheat, rob, enslave, and kill, with impunity" for they are "gods chosen by God to rule the Earth."

    They constitute the biblically foretold "Gog" who with their partners in satanic psychopathy, "Babylon," have long been attacking the actual true and prophesied "Zion," God's "Promised Land" America: "a country of unwalled villages." Viz. Ezekiel 38:11

    Thankfully only the satanically possessed oppose God's anointed Harbinger of the Apocalypse, first among equals Elect of the sovereign People, Mr. Trump; and the "real Anti-Christ" "engine for enslaving mankind" we founded America to escape, in express covenant with God, whose Hitler-financing, JFK- and MLK-assassinating, 9/11-committing, Sandy Hook Hoax, and Aurora/Batman Psyop, and no doubt Las Vegas, etc., Fifth Column Beast of Gog and Babylon is in the process of being cast down, praise God.
  • Comment
    RichB  •  10/03/2017 04:45:23 AM UTC
    I find it highly repulsive that a woman of her heritage is condoning mass extermination of a particular group of people
  • Comment
    BillG  •  10/03/2017 04:58:44 AM UTC
    This poor mentally ill woman is the perfect example of an extreme leftist who hates this country so much because Clinton and her party lost the election and control of the Country. Now they are praying for disasters like the Las Vegas massacre to blame on President Trump and Repubs. This leftist's words revealed the hatred she has inside and her arrogance let her write what she truly believes. Hayley Geftman-Gold you have no redeeming value to the human race, you are terminated.
  • Comment
    truthtellerboi  •  10/03/2017 05:05:17 AM UTC
    She is a J E W.. What do you expect? They dont think the rest of us are human. Thats why she doenst have sympathy
  • Comment
    UnitedWeFight  •  10/03/2017 06:18:50 AM UTC
    Inappropriate to politicize the travesty. Good Americans will come together - prayers for the victims and their families.

    On another note: When I read what Hayley Geftman-Gold said about the victims and their fans not deserving sympathy because they are Republicans and her friend Erin Fagan agreeing with her, sickened me deeply. Erin, Hayley and her family don't deserve the accolades of our great nation. Please let every you know not to do business with these haters.

    Associated businesses and contact information:

    Erin Fagan (917) 579-3756 empowerdportraits@gmail.com, twitter: empowerportrait
    Hayley Getman's social profiles are down; however, her husband Ryan Hayley-Geftman is up: President of Handoff Business Ventures, Vice President of Wibbitz.com, twitter: ryangeftmangold, linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryangeftmangold/
  • Comment
    Jodytodd  •  10/03/2017 07:05:39 AM UTC
    There is no excuse for such a callous statement, yet should we be surprised?  CBS  News has been on the bash-Trump train since election night, along with NBC, MSNBC, ABC and CNN.  If there had not been such an outpouring of letters and calls showing the public's disgust in this woman's ignorant HATEFUL comment, I would not have been surprised if she had been given a raise instead of a PINK slip. And, in light of how ANTI-TRUMP CBS IS, she is probably quite surprised at CBS' firing her too.
    I must say, she sure had it coming.

  • Comment
    Zorro63  •  10/03/2017 09:05:36 AM UTC
    Finally a brilliiant person, who freely express her disappointment for the republican regime, which is put togheter by farmaceutical and guns lobbies. Regrettably for her, she did't sympathize with the last mass shooting victims and families, but she is not the murder ! When people from USA will learn from this events and open their short-sighted eyes to see what really mean having 323 millions of firearms around civil population? When you people will understand what really mean the second amendment?
    All my simpathy and comprehension go to Mrs Hayley Geftman-Gold and her family, with my best wishes for a brilliant and FREE future.
  • Comment
    Jefz  •  10/03/2017 10:23:09 AM UTC
    This despicable individual should lose her law license and be shunned by society.
    She is a disgrace to humanity.

  • Comment
    hucky27  •  10/03/2017 12:25:29 PM UTC

    Pray for this woman!

  • Comment
    SwimmingKat  •  10/03/2017 01:00:16 PM UTC
    Protest people.  If we do not protest this type of unconscionable behavior it will only continue.  The public needs protests to know that no one "deserves" to die because they didn't vote for who you said:

    Hayley Lattman Geftman-Gold address:  70 Remsen Street ,. Brooklyn , NY. 11201. PHONE. 917-442-9594 or home 718-243-2753

    Her very agreeable friend:

    Erin Fagan Silber Photography (home and office) 29 Tiffany Place, Brooklyn, NY 11231 917-579-3756

  • Comment
    kdlibny  •  10/03/2017 01:19:54 PM UTC
    Terrible bias and not a logical straight thinking lawyer.   This is what CBS was/is known for biased reporting but kudos to them for her departure.   All emotion no logic or compassion especially for diversity.  Not all people can/do live UWS or Brooklyn and are as enlightened in their taste or culture as she is.   Really against human life tragedy to make such a statement.
    Name calling etc...really repulsive.

  • Comment
    JackRRyan  •  10/03/2017 02:32:00 PM UTC
    you are a sick, SICK person.  YOU are part of the problem in this country - crude, violent, intolerant of any opinion that isn't yours.  So how's the job going anyway?
  • Comment
    JackRRyan  •  10/03/2017 02:34:19 PM UTC
    what's funny is why idiots like you can't understand why you're losing elections for years everywhere. its because of ignorant, uneducated, unDEMOCRATIC opinions of people like you.  I hope you suffer. Long.  I will make sure to follow you electronically and remind any company or firm you work with, and any clients, of who you are.
  • Comment
    SidH  •  10/03/2017 02:40:55 PM UTC
    You are a shame to Jewish values, a day after Yom Kippur.  This is left wing fanaticism, that has lost their basic humanity, and has turned to a fascist in the name of countering Nazis.
    The culture of law schools and legal system fostering such products are reprehensible.
  • Comment
    JackRRyan  •  10/03/2017 02:43:00 PM UTC
    Your apology is so HOLLOW. Another big lie. You're just sorry that you've been exposed for the ignorant twat that you are and lost your big job. Hope you can make your living on your husband's pathetic PR firm. I feel sorry for your kids to have someone so hateful and ignorant for a mother.
  • Comment
    MADMACMCCORMICK  •  10/03/2017 02:52:28 PM UTC
    Dear Ms. Gold/Lattman: I invite you to go to Ls Vegas and make your comments there. Additionally, come and say them to my face- I am in the telephone book in Milford, Delaware. You and Jane Fonda are in the same class- wait, no your comments are WORSE. John C. Mc Cormick-hcho4u50@aol.com I will not hide behind CBS.
  • Comment
    HiTop  •  10/03/2017 03:04:47 PM UTC
    Hayley Geftman-Gold is living up to left-wing stereotypes.  You're a despicable human being, bereft of any human compassion.  Please tell us that Jewish story again, you know, the one about people being intolerant of the Jews.  Seems like you didn't learn much from your own heritage.  Instead, you've taken on some Nazi qualities yourself.  Your children and husband should be so proud of what you've made of yourself.

  • Comment
    MQT1969  •  10/03/2017 03:11:21 PM UTC
    Devil !
  • Comment
    MQT1969  •  10/03/2017 03:12:02 PM UTC
    Devil !
  • Comment
    bishwit  •  10/03/2017 03:49:10 PM UTC
    First off those of you wishing her dead are no better than this poor tortured soul. I pray that she will turn back to God and honestly try to extinguish the hatred burning in her heart. Also this women should never have access to any guns as someone who wouldn't care if half of the country was dead is an extreme danger to society.
  • Comment
    Sinretour  •  10/03/2017 05:13:44 PM UTC
    This woman redefines the definition of a cunt. A heartless piece of shit
  • Comment
    Bane  •  10/03/2017 05:28:47 PM UTC
    A lot of people lost someone and feel they have nothing more to lose. They will be very interested in your comments. I hope you like suprises Hayley and Ryan.
  • Comment
    RADAR21  •  10/03/2017 05:30:11 PM UTC
    It is terrible how Hayley and her friend Erin Fagan Silber live a life of privilege and have contempt for the working man. These women should never hold any position of authority because if they don't benefit over the common man then they are not interested.  How does someone like this get a law degree?  Her thinking is so warped and one-sided.   I saw that she and her friends went to a rally against hate and yet they are epitome of hatred.  How can anyone hire her?  She lives a life of luxury and wants others to live in misery.  Don't hire her.
  • Comment
    nlocker  •  10/03/2017 06:01:02 PM UTC
    The only thing your'e sorry for is that you got caught with your hate mongering face on, for the whole world to see.  No one is stupid enough to believe that your callous words don't reflect your actual beliefs.  Of course they do!  Otherwise it never would have occurred to you to post them.  The only reason you backtracked on your hateful rant is because you received backlash.  May you rot in hell for all eternity, you vile piece of excrement.
  • Comment
    may  •  10/03/2017 06:05:28 PM UTC
    She has so much hate for mankind! Where did this come from? Hopefully they don't teach this at Columbia. As a lawyer, I thought they are supposed to have an open mind until all the facts are in.  I'm stunned by her comments and lack of empathy. More importantly, this tragic event changes concert experiences forever for all of us. Doesn't she see this? She's wrong on so many levels and for sure she doesn't belong in the legal system at all in any capacity.
  • Comment
    nlocker  •  10/03/2017 06:10:29 PM UTC
    Hayley Geftman Gold would have made a terrific Nazi.  The Nazi's also felt no sympathy for, and exalted in the extermination of, a particular group of people.  All the folks of Jewish descent, which would include her family, must be so proud of her!  What a hateful, stone-hearted twat she is. I feel sorry for her children.  It's good to know that if they grow up to be Republicans that she'll harbor a secret hatred for them.  She won't be able to help herself.  It's who she is.
  • Comment
    SamuelGreen  •  10/03/2017 06:43:13 PM UTC
    As a retired US Army soldier, who happens to be a Democrat and Jewish myself, this vile woman gives Jewish people a bad name. She is totally and absolutely stuck on stupid.  She will probably be given employment by another stuck on stupid person that goes by the name of Hillary.

    Being a lifelong democrat, I have seriously considered swapping parties as democrat politicians like Pelosi and Waters, and an ex president with his self created 'Resist' nonsense acting like 4 year old children is all too often the norm.  I hope people boycott this womens husbands firm; Handoff Business Ventures​. And while his beliefs may not be the same as this heinous woman, she doesn't deserve to be enriched by any of his profits, she deserves to be extremely shamed and shunned for the vile human she is.

    My sincerest apologies to all those affected by this deranged lunatic in Las Vegas. I'll keep all those recovering in my thoughts and prayers, and to all the first responders and civilians that rendered aid have my deepest gratitude.
  • Comment
    Death2ANTIFA  •  10/03/2017 08:28:59 PM UTC
    Subhumans like you , (HUMAN AIDS) are going to get what they deserve....There is no escaping KARMA. Those of your despicable ilk never seem to learn and thus you will always play the victim even if your repulsive , vile words will be the genesis of your undoing . Enjoy looking over shoulder every day from here on in. I will relish the day they cut your head off. Hopefully at the hands of the Muslims you so adore . You're a SUB HUMAN piece of kosher shit .....with GMO corn.
  • Comment
    Smallwood65  •  10/03/2017 08:39:22 PM UTC
    This women is as BIG a monster as anyone I can imagine!
    Hate is hate and she is not fit for society!
  • Comment
    Cookie  •  10/03/2017 09:14:37 PM UTC
    I believe she may have been brainwashed. Perhaps in college. There is definitely a group of people who teach hate
  • Comment
    aghastinhb  •  10/03/2017 10:17:01 PM UTC
    Ms. Geftman-Gold you are now part of a very exclusive club of social pariahs. From now on, until the day you die and even after you're long gone, whenever your vile name is mentioned in decent conversation you'll invoke the same visceral reaction as OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony. And you did it to yourself by posting your hate on social media, your life is ruined and you have nobody to blame but yourself. Okay, you don't have sympathy for the Las Vegas shooting victims, that's fine. They don't need you, they have the love and support of the rest of the world. Enjoy your new life.....
  • Comment
    iuSUCKS  •  10/03/2017 10:22:04 PM UTC
  • Comment
    meltyemi  •  10/03/2017 11:54:38 PM UTC
    What is wrong with people like this? Why does she not care about her fellow humans no matter what color they are  or beliefs they have? Can't get a grip on it... Must be a serious flaw in character. So wrong.... So sad...
  • Comment
    Les  •  10/04/2017 12:54:29 PM UTC
    Good riddance Hayley, you are one very sick and evil person. This is not surprising since my bet is that you are also a Democrat and liberal who's core value is baby murder, sodomy, religious bigot, euthanasia, baby embryonic destruction, Hollywood adultery lover etc etc. Your black heart and soul is in desperate need of God's help. Those who died sang God Bless America for you. May God bless you with a new heart and that you leave the satanic Democrat Party and liberal minions
  • Comment
    Ugh!  •  10/04/2017 01:37:47 PM UTC
    Most of the comments here are even more vile and disgusting than what she said. I do not agree with her however people who feel the need to comment wishing her and her family harm are despicable. You are no better than the monster you believe her to be. As for those telling her to bow down and pray to God asking for forgiveness, maybe you should ask yourself where was your god during that massacre.
  • Comment
    thussaiththewalrus  •  10/04/2017 11:22:55 PM UTC
    Questions:   Are her parents proud of her?   Is her husband proud of her?   Do they think she is "principled?"  Or, do they also believe that her brand of hatred is acceptable?   [If so, they are "fringe" people and society must look askance at all 4 of them!]

    How can she support Hillary when Hillary loves Muslims and hates Jews?   How can she support Hillary, who publicly trashes women, and makes their lives miserable, AFTER Bill attacks and abuses them?   How can she support Hillary, who failed the DC bar?  How can she support Hillary, who CONVERTED money raised for African charities, to pay for Chelsea's wedding?  How can she support Hillary, who agreed to CHEAT Bernie Sanders in the debates?    How can she support Hillary when Hillary STOLE VAN LOADS of items from the White House?   How can she support Hillary who destroyed 33,000+ emails that were under subpoena?  How can she support Hillary, who forced her own daughter to get plastic surgery to not look so much like Webb Hubbell?  How can she justify the cold blooded murders of Seth Rich and John Ashe (that benefitted Hillary; just days prior to the Democrat Convention)?

    What kind of "lawyer" believes that innocent American citizens should be killed in cold blood?    She has no problem with a madman murdering dozens of Republicans who own guns; without even seeing the irony of her position.   Republicans BEG black women to have their babies while Democrats URGE them to have abortions; who are the REAL racists?     In what way is HER position superior to Republicans with standards who want to protect themselves and their families?  The notion that anyone would celebrate the murder of DEMOCRATS WHO ARE NOT ARMED in unthinkable!   This woman is a pariah!
  • Comment
    Rippen101  •  10/05/2017 12:28:45 AM UTC
    If a few hundred Jewish fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto could hold off the Wehrmacht for almost a month with only a handful of weapons, six million Jews armed with rifles could not so easily have been herded into cattle cars. No Jew should ever fight for gun control....
  • Comment
    jackgordon  •  10/05/2017 12:54:28 AM UTC
    Good work losing a $5,000 a week job.  Hope you have trouble paying your mortgage and move into mommy's basement.  boo hoo.  BTW you have had so many jobs in so few years, your'e obviously a problem.
  • Comment
    Katrinka1  •  10/05/2017 10:41:24 PM UTC
    What is wrong with some people? Does every thought have to be spit out? No compassion, feel sorry for her, hate to say it, but hope the fallout from the vile words she spoke,drastically affects her life, like the lives of every victim has been affected by that pitiful shooter, maybe if she felt, what they feel, she could learn how to behave like a caring, loving human being. Not a cold bitch!!!good luck job hunting.do not know who would ever wan't to hire you...oh wait, you wan't fries with that? P.s. sure everyone you know thinks you are a snake in the grass!!
  • Comment
    Katrinka1  •  10/05/2017 10:43:20 PM UTC
    Snake in the grass¡!!!!
  • Comment
    Flyin4awa  •  10/06/2017 05:24:05 PM UTC
    This despicable woman felt that 58 people deserved to be killed and nearly 440 more injured because she assumed they were Republicans. Her Facebook friend, Erin Fagan Silber (New York photographer) agreed! Try explaining to the spouses, children, families, and friends of the victims how you can possibly justify your statements! There is no place in this country for either one of these individuals! They spew hate and violence, and should be avoided!
  • Comment
    skunkpussy108  •  10/09/2017 02:02:46 PM UTC
    Hayley there are many things i don't understand about you.  Obviously you are a top lawyer Columbia U educated with lordy  how come. Lawyers always think before talking,right? Give me a sincere explanation!

  • Comment
    iuSUCKS  •  11/05/2017 08:50:05 PM UTC
    Hey Hayley, you vile human being....bet you and your despicable hubby are celebrating the massacre in Sutherland Springs!!!  I bet some of the victims deserved it because they were republicans and not worthy of your caring or sympathy....correct??,
  • Comment
    VictimSupportJustice  •  11/13/2017 03:27:06 AM UTC
    Hayley Geftman-Gold,

    Please Forward this message to ALL American Citizens for  Safety, and for their JOBS, Careers, and Businesses. Democrats & Republicans & ALL Citizens MUST STOP ILLEGAL Undocumented Immigration, STOP Sanctuary Cities, STOP DACA.  See “Partial KNOWN" Victims at: http://www.ojjpac.org/memorial.asp

    American Citizen Victims like Kate Steinle, Jamiel Shaw’s Child, and Bologna’s Children, G.R., J.W., Baby Reedy, upon THOUSANDS of VICTIMS  have been KILLED  by ILLEGAL Undocumented immigrants for YEARS before Donald Trump Ever thought of Running for President,  and Many of the KILLINGS Should Have NEVER HAPPEN. Many of the MURDERS Could have been PREVENTED if America Followed Immigration LAWS.

    Thank GOD for President Donald Trump for  SUPPORTING VICTIM’S FAMILIES & CHILDREN  who have been KILLED by ILLEGAL Undocumented Immigrants for YEARS! Those Victims KILLED will NEVER be Forgotten and Justice will be Done.

    PLEASE SUPPORT VICTIMS  and their CHILDREN who were KILLED by ILLEGAL Undocumented Immigrants. STOP Sanctuary Cities, STOP DACA,  STOP ILLEGAL Immigration. Please Support ALIPAC, FAIR,  OJJPAC,  or Whatever organization Stop ILLEGALS.

    Ann Coulter's book  "Adios America" SHOULD HAVE BEEN WRITTEN YEARS AGO!  What a TRAGEDY for American Citizens!  This Country can NOT Protect its own citizens & its Borders!

    Why does Israel have a WALL? Try telling Israel to Tear Down the WALL.

    1)  ILLEGAL undocumented immigrants SHOULD TAKE THE JOBS, CAREERS, OPPORTUNITIES, and BUSINESSES of those DEMOCRATS, and other People,  WHO SUPPORT ILLEGAL immigration, and Sanctuary Cities,  and DACA in America!

    2) Those DEMOCRATS, and Other Peoples,  Who SUPPORT "ILLEGAL" undocumented immigration and Sanctuary Cities are RESPONSIBLE  for the DEATHS

  • Comment
    VictimSupportJustice  •  11/13/2017 03:31:05 AM UTC
    Hayley Geftman-Gold,  As God is Witness, Thank God for President Trump for Supporting Victims and their Children who were KILLED by ILLEGAL undocumented Immigrants for YEARS, and Many of the MURDERS Could have Been PREVENTED.  Many of the KILLINGS Should have Never Happen!

    Go see Known Partial Victims list at: http://www.ojjpac.org/memorial.asp

    Hayley Geftman-Gold, Requesting Your SUPPORT VICTIMS and their CHILDREN KILLED.
  • Comment
    VictimSupportJustice  •  11/13/2017 03:41:53 AM UTC
    American Citizens, As God is Witness,

    Look at the Democratic Party Agenda  and Legislation, and the Republican Party Agenda and Legislation,  regarding MORAL Issues and see which one is in AGREEMENT with the Law of God.  You will see that the Republican Party Agenda and Legislation is in AGREEMENT with the LAW of GOD as indicated in the Holy Bible.

    Dear GOD and American Citizens, As GOD is Witness, I Apologized and I am SORRY for VOTING for President Obama in the Past because I did NOT know that Obama would Pass Legislation that is AGAINST the LAW of GOD!  And also Pass UNSAFE ILLEGAL Immigration LAWS, Legislation and Policies;  and  also Other BAD Policies on Economics,  Jobs, et cetera…..

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