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Grizzly Effect

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In small towns, there comes small responsibilities and little to no music scenes. One local rock band decided to take rock n' roll into their own hands and serve it on a silver platter for the local scene to eat up. A Genre sprawling rock band better known for their melodic approach to music than writing bios about themselves. Grizzly Effect centers around 4 dudes (some with beards, some without) unsatisfied with the current state of music or for a lack of a better term, good ole rock n roll. One dude plays guitar, the other the bass guitar, we have a dude that plays drums, and a bearded wonder who plays guitar and sings. Define Grizzly Effect you might wonder? We have not begun to scratch the surface enough in our short little existence as a rock band to define who we are or who we will become. Some say grow a beard and start a band? Maybe help stimulate your local economy? We are who we are. Just a small town rock n roll band. We've got real "jobs." And "R E A L" dreams. Said dudes are: Tyler Lovejoy, Cody Costa, Richard Bohnet, and Evan Gravatt. Together we create (as creative as a band can get) Grizzly Effect! Stop by a show sometime and see for yourself. The door is always open, unless you are under 21 and we are playing a 21 and up venue then we apologize and hope someone films it and uploads it to Youtube for you to watch. [+]
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