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Greymass is an EOS Block Producer ​ Candidate based in Michigan ​ that also offers fully open-sourced development of decentralized applications ​, services, and frameworks ​ that aim to enhance blockchain ​ experience and engagement for blockchain developers ​, creators and users. This includes cryptocurrency wallets ​, block explorers, and governance ​ tools as well as abuse prevention services. Greymass also has backup data centers in Vancouver ​ and Kentucky ​. [1]

Overview and Mission

"Our mission as an organization is to enrich the EOS platform by building, and helping others to build, cool and useful stuff." [2]

- Team Greymass

Greymass is a partnership between Aaron Cox (@jesta) [5] [6] ​ and Scott Sallinen (@anyx) [7] ​. They both previously had experience working in blockchain ​ by being a Steemit ​ witness.

"We believe in democratization of blockchain policy and that fair governance improves market capitalization. We empower token-holders to directly participate in blockchain governance and represent their interests when they can’t. We open source our software and welcome security audits." [3] ​ - source:


Aaron Cox

Full Stack & Blockchain Developer

is a veteran web developer ​ with over twenty years of experience, specializing in publishing platforms, social/community engines, and data mining ​. [3]

Scott Sallinen

Research Scientist

is a Computer Engineering Ph.D ​. Candidate at the University of British Columbia ​, with research areas of High Performance Computing ​, Distributed Systems ​, Graph Processing, Machine Learning ​, and Blockchain technologies. [3]

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