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Known for his unique personality, guitar playing, incredible wordplay and distinctive voice, Greg Sover is not only here to be heard but also to be remembered. The Brooklyn-born, Philly raised singer/songwriter has a sound like no other with musical influences such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bob Marley, and Jay-Z just to name a few. Greg Sover describes his music as "Blues and Rock with a dash of everything else, filled with deep meanings”. Greg Sover's true love is his guitar, "If it wasn't for the guitar, I probably wouldn't be interested in music. I remember the first time seeing my dad playing his guitar and being mesmerized by the look of it. Singing and writing songs came later in my life.''

A product of a single parent house hold, Greg is able to put his pain in his songs. He says, “The struggles and passions in my life are what have provided me with the understanding of other people’s struggles and passions. Being the songwriter that I am, I just write about them.” Greg Sover shows his brilliant songwriting and amazing guitar playing on his debut singles. With song such as “Superman,” which paints a portrait of the invincible hero, was Sover’s own attempt to boost his confidence at a time when it was particularly low. But Sover proves versatile, too, delivering blistering rock on songs like “Heroes,” about the masked vulnerability of societies unsung courageous, “Emotions,” where he speaks to the overwhelming sadness and anger that can assail us facing a daily barrage of negativity, and shows off his romantic side on the pop-rock of “Lovely.”

For Greg Sover, music is a universal healing language that in the last few years has comforted him through some tough personal challenges. Though he was born in the states, his family is from Haiti, and he’s been diligent about supporting relief efforts since the 2010 earthquake. “That’s one of the things that inspired the song Heroes.'’ You hear about Sean Penn, Bill Clinton and people like that who are doing so much to help out, but there are so many others out there who are giving back,” he says.

A year after the earthquake, he lost his mom. “In a way, I’m doing this for her,” says Sover, who cut the collar off one of her favorite shirts after she died and tied it around his guitar neck and named it "Micheline'' in her honor. “Unfortunately, my mom never made it to my shows. This is one way she shows up all the time.” Greg Sover is a true singer/songwriter who is authentically able to captivate and connect to his audience. Wherever he performs, people stand in amazement. The world needs to hear him and witness a real artist at work. Greg is currently working on his first full album titled “The Edge”. [+]
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