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Graphic Nature MCs

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Bio: It started about 20years ago 1993, as two young troublesome teens trying to find their path on this earth. A runaway & a lost soul, raised in Chicago Westside Austin area, getting into a little bit of everything, falling into the negative pit hole that consumes some of the urban communities. Somehow after the hard work shift of the grind, a few neighborhood teens would gather together at a spot we named "The Cut" drinking 40oz/90 proof, wine & smoking pot and experimenting in the craft we hold to us so dear-Hip Hop! Each of us had a destination which would take us all in different paths. Group member Emcee "Mohr the Misfit" had the challenge of becoming a father in 1995 which led to him slowing leaving the "streets" behind and moving to the west suburbs to work on his life which was becoming comfortable for the runaway. He became more responsible, goal-oriented, and started taking on life as a man. Group member Emcee "Semaj the so ILL" was also growing as a young man. He was finding himself working double shifts to support his life style as a independent black man, and creating and composing hip hop with a few buddies in his building complex off the shore. The two would get together and travel to college parties, hood chiphers, get togethers and ripp the spot! Shortly after in 2004 Mohr took a trip to Semajs crib and was featured on joint called "DRUNK DRIVING" hosted by "The Umberalla Unit" which lit a fire under Mohrs ass.....Shortly after Mr. Misfit started recording @ the speed of light, dropping his first album in 2005 "Self Defense Vol.1" booking shows, promoting and becoming a independent force. While Semaj was in the lab finishing up the long awaited project "The Shit The Album" it was town to town inner city and suburbs, "Mohr the Misfit "and "Semaj the so ill" was building as solo acts who can hold their own in this game with a lyrical, positive influential way! 2007 Mohr dropped his second project "Lets Boogie The Album" shortly after he met Producer "Henni Brown" working at the same place he did, going to Hennis crib finding a gem! Young intense passionate about what he do! blown away by his skills Mohr started booking venues for the young producer beat showcase, compeitions etc. to showcase the hot produdes talent & build a name for the ill dude! During that summer of 2007 Mohr and Semaj took a vacation to Las Vegas which brought us closer then ever & on the way back...Thats when the idea came, "Collision of Thought" we should do a album together! With all these events, experiences and Vision... We are Graphic Nature MCs.
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