GoodGuide.Com is an online web, iPhone app and Android app tool created by Dara O'Rourke which enables consumers to retrieve evaluations of the health, environmental, and social impacts of consumer products such as toys, food, and detergents. As an internet startup, GoodGuide raised $3.73 million in its first round of funding reported January, 2009 and $5.5 million in its second round reported June, 2009 from venture capitalists. As of May 31, 2010, according to Alexa Internet the website ranked about 50,000 worldwide, but about 20,000 in the United States. Through its website, online toolbar and smartphone application, GoodGuide provides tools that can enable consumers to make purchasing decisions on the basis of the health, environmental and social impact of a product’s life cycle. These products are designed to provide consumers with this information right at the point of sale, to help them to apply their values to their purchases.

In December 2009 testing of Zhu Zhu Pets done by GoodGuide reported more than the allowed level of the toxic metal antimony in the toy Mr. Squiggles. After doing a review, regulators from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said that the toy was within the "very protective" Federal mandatory standard. GoodGuide subsequently was forced to issue an apology saying their testing methods were different from the federal standards.


For each listed product the site generates 3 ratings, a health rating, an environmental ratings, and a social rating.