Golfweek is a high-end weekly golfing magazine, published in the United States. The magazine was launched in 1975 by Charley Stine and was originally named Florida Golfweek Magazine. His son Tom Stine was editor of the magazine from 1980 to 1994. Stine sold the publication to Turnstile Publishing Company, based in Orlando, Florida, in 1990 and it has after become its flagship publication out of the five magazines it publishes. The magazine is particularly adept in its coverage of the "Best Golf Courses" in the United States by state and are often used by websites on a large number of golf courses and resorts around the US as being on the Golfweek list. The magazine additionally publishes specific publications catering for this such as Golfweek's Guide to America's Best Classic and Modern Golf Courses and tips guides such as Golfweek's 101 Winning Golf Tips: Expert Shotmaking Advice from the Co-Author of the Bestselling The Plane Truth for Golfers.As of 2002, Eric Beckson was the president of Turnstile Publishing. Numerous experts are employed to write columns for the magazine, a few of which additionally write or have written for Golf Digest etc.