Goldbreg or Goldberger might refer to:






  • Goldbergs, a British department store group that ceased trading in 1991
  • Carl Goldberg Products, an American manufacturer of radio-controlled aeroplane kits
  • Spelling-Goldberg Productions, an American television production company
  • Goldberg' Marine, a Philadelphia based mail order company that originated the concept of selling pleasure boating equipment and supplied by mail order. Acquired in 1986, it is currently part of the West Marine retail chain.



  • Goldberg Horror Award, an annual literary award for the horror genre
  • Goldberg House, a college house at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Goldberg machine, any complex apparatus that performs a simple task in an indirect and convoluted way
  • Goldberg Magazine, a Spanish-based publication devoted to early and Baroque music
  • Goldberg v. Kelly, a United States Supreme Court case regarding due process
  • Rostker v. Goldberg, a United States Supreme Court case regarding women in the military