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GlokkNine rapping in the music video for "Crayola" [6]

GlokkNine is a rapper ​ based out of Orlando, Florida ​. [3] ​ He is best known for his song​, "Crayola" which received over 2.8 million views and 25 million plays on streaming platforms less than a month. [2]

Personal Life

GlokkNine's stage name was inspired by the Glock ​ pistol and WFTV Channel 9 ​ his favorite local news channel. The two kk's in his name stand for KillKill. [10]

When asked about the origins of his name he said [10] ​:

"Lol Cause They Say I Love Channel 9 & I Stay Wit Glokkz & Them 2kz Stand Foe KillKill Causse That's All I Know" [10]

Musical Career

GlokkNine rapping in the music video for "JailHizeeBluez" [8]

GlokkNine began rapping at the age of 9 years old using beats he found on YouTube ​. GlokkNine released his first song, Ugly on YouTube ​ on July 10, 2017 which has received over 20,000 views. [12]

GlokkNine gained more exposure after releasing some of his music videos through WorldStarHipHop ​. On March 1, 2018 he released the music video for "JailHizeeBluez" as a WorldStarHipHop exclusive. The video received over a million views in less than a month. [8] He wrote the song "JailHizeeBluez" while incarcerated ​ and released the song after he was released from prison. [10]


GlokkNine released his first mixtape, Kold Face Kold Case with 9 tracks on January 2, 2018. [16] ​ He released his second mixtape, Bloodshells Revenge with 18 tracks on April 17, 2018. [11] [17]

Musical Style

GlokkNine's mumble rap ​ style has been compared to Kodak Black ​ another young rapper from Florida ​. [10] ​ GlokkNine's songs often discuss his incarceration ​ and his journey from poverty to becoming a successful rapper. He also often discusses his proficiency with firearms ​. [12]


GlockkNine 2018 Rolling Loud Festival poster [18]

GlokkNine performed at the 2018 Rolling Loud Festival on May 13, 2018 in Miami, Florida hitting the same stage as Lil Pump ​,​ J. Cole ​, Travis Scott ​ and Future ​ among others. [2]


In February 2018, a police officer ​ with the Orlando Police Department ​ was placed under investigation after he appeared in the music video for GlokkNine's music video, "Armed & Dangerous". [20]

Police Chief John Mina was made aware of the video in February 2018 and it prompted him to look into how and why the officer is in it.  The officer is still on duty, and it is unclear if he knew how his image would be used and if he agreed to it. [20]

The video, posted by GlokkNine, shows a group of men pointing guns, holding baggies of marijuana ​ and stealing someone’s backpack. However the video disclaimer said the drugs and weapons are just props. [20]

The clip was sent to Channel 9 by other police officers who were concerned, not about the video, but about the fact that an Orlando police officer in uniform and in a clearly marked police vehicle is in the video. [20]

The police vehicle and the officer don't appear in the clips with guns. One of the people in the video is seen throwing money on the windshield of the police car. [20]

Police policies state that officers should be engaged with the community and pictures can be part of that, but this instance is raising questions from the officer’s bosses. [20]

“It's a situation where it’s out in the public so anyone can take pictures or video of our officers, but because of that video and because of the circumstances surrounding the video, I just want an internal investigation to see if any policies were violated,” Mina said. [20]

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