Globelamp is an American folk music project, by the American singer-songwriter Elizabeth Le Fey.


Exposed to ‘80’s glam rock by her Mother, Globelamp began to play the piano at the age of four. Taking inspiration from old mythological legends, Globelamp began writing poetry at the age of 15. Inspired by a performance from Conor Oberst in 2010, Globelamp began performing at small coffee shops in Orange County, California. She became an intern at K Records in Olympia, Washington where Le Fey continued to share her music with the world as part of the psych-punk band Meowtain in Olympia, WA. After this, she took off on her own to write, produce and record her solo debut "Star Dust" and to tour the country as an “artist/traveler”. On the June tenth 2016 she released "The Orange Glow" on Wichita Recordings. Her aesthetics are inspired by childhood cartoons like Sailor Moon, Rainbow Bright, and My Little Pony.



2016The Orange GlowWichita Recordings /CD, 12" vinyl LP, Download
2014StarDustGazelle Records /CD, tape, Download