Glamcult Independent Style Paper is an Amsterdam-based free magazine that focuses on fashion, music, art and youth culture. It was first released in 2003 as an underground tabloid, but is now one of the leading independent magazines in the Netherlands and beyond. Starting in 2015, it is distributed throughout nine countries and can be found in clubs, galleries, clothing stores, universities and cafés.

History and profile

Glamcult was founded in 2003 by Rogier Vlaming and Wiebe de Ridder. Vlaming is still the publisher. In its first year, Glamcult was distributed only in the four biggest cities in the Netherlands, by bike. Soon it was professionally distributed by a company specialised in that. In 2006 Glamcult was grown so big that an extension of the distribution network was needed. They started a cooperation with Boomerang, known for their Freecards, Cinemacards, Cultcards and Studycards. The 40.000 magazines were then distributed to 800 places.

In the August 2010 edition of the magazine, Glamcult had an exclusive interview with photographer Mario Testino. He talked about his special bond with Kate Moss and how years of friendship resulted in a book. In the October 2010 Glamcult interviewed Viktor & Rolf.

Glamcult Studio

In 2008 Glamcult Independent Style Paper and Supernova Graphic Design, a graphic design company, owned by Marline Bakker, came together and formed new company: Glamcult Studio.