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Geary Danley[12][11] is an American who on October 1, 2017, was misidentified as the perpetrator of the Mandalay Bay Resort Shooting (October 1, 2017) by users on 4chan in the politically incorrect thread. 


The users named Geary Danley as the shooter who opened fire claiming that Danley was a far Left wing loon', a Social democrat​, and was anti-Donald Trump​, based on his likes and interest in his Facebook profile. [12]  


The comments were picked up by several blogs and news sites, including an article by the Right wing​ political website, the Gateway Pundit​.  The false news was also incorrectly posted by an anonymous editor on Everipedia but was quickly corrected by other community members to clear Geary Danley's name from any allegations. [13]​ Eventually the real perpetrator was identified as  Stephen Craig Paddock​, a companion of his former wife Marilou Danley​, whom he divorced in 2014.


Many users then searched for his name on Google​. It's algorithms traced the original source of the story back to the 4chan message board and posted a link to it in the Top Stories section. [12]  

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    Mandy  •  10/02/2017 11:02:15 AM UTC
  • Comment
    Mandy  •  10/02/2017 11:02:29 AM UTC

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    jselwyn  •  10/02/2017 12:43:46 PM UTC
    Mandy, obviously you’re clueless of what the ‘pedia’s’ are . . . this is discussion of links; no where does this article cite Geary as being the shooter; says that he was initially thought by many to be the shooter, fact. No suit would be won. I would point out that Geary himself seems to be quite the self avowed Trump Hater and his wife, the shooters believed accompllice, seems to surround herself with that, and hate.

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    Harper_Boi  •  10/02/2017 01:07:43 PM UTC
    "seems to be quite the self avowed Trump Hater and his wife, the shooters believed accompllice, seems to surround herself with that, and hate."

    Demonization by political affiliation.

    "seems to surround herself with that"

    With what? What is 'that' she surrounds herself with?

    Information has no credibility based on bias & opposing political views of the author.

    Stop pushing political division.
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    d.m356@yahoo.com  •  10/02/2017 01:23:25 PM UTC
    jselwyn , I took screenshots earlier from this page that stated this man was the shooter. I'll be sharing them with this man. Thanks...
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    NickA  •  10/02/2017 03:45:41 PM UTC

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    TheHonestOtter  •  10/02/2017 04:08:25 PM UTC
    @mandy does Mr Danley have an alibi. Was Marilou a honey pot to blame the attack on paddock. Sorry but we rarely ever are told the truth. Hope Mr Danley does sue because a lot of questions will be answered in discover. Convince them no on saw paddock with a weapon or shoot a weapon, at this point hotel footage is being tampered with.... All this to distract from #NFLBoycott.   Sick
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    Minneapolitan_Rapper  •  10/02/2017 05:22:59 PM UTC
    The site is a wiki, like Wikipedia, and is user-generated. Can you sue Facebook if someone uploads child porn to it? Looks like the community already fixed the page.
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    Slugworth  •  10/02/2017 06:28:05 PM UTC
    Paddock was the fall guy in all this you morons these two sick fucks used paddock if you can't put that together you are a moron. All three are far left nuts and are anti gun and anti trump.

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    LongDongSliver  •  10/02/2017 06:57:52 PM UTC
    "Not an avid gun guy at all," Eric Paddock, Stephen's brother told CBS News. "Where the hell did he get automatic weapons? He has no military background," said Paddock.

    Someone should question the story.....why not?
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    wmgray  •  10/03/2017 01:31:13 AM UTC

    According to news reports regarding the effects of this man being falsely identified, he is Marilou Danley's EX husband. They divorced in 2014.


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    WickedPoet  •  10/03/2017 05:10:06 AM UTC
    I'm glad to see this page was cleaned up from the screen shot I have of it as it appeared at 5 am October 2 2017.  However, there is still an assertion which is completely false.  Marilou Hanley was NEVER named by law enforcement  as a suspect in this horrific crime.  She was called a person of interest.  The difference is significant. A suspect is someone law enforcement believes may be involved in criminal activity.  A person of interest is someone law enforcement believes may have information helpful to understanding or resolving a crime.  This should be changed.
  • Comment
    Minneapolitan_Rapper  •  10/03/2017 05:12:39 AM UTC
    @WickedPoet a fair point in the wording. Sometimes the pages get out of control temporarily due to the crowdsourced nature of the site :(
  • Comment
    Cameronaz  •  10/03/2017 05:34:21 PM UTC
    This site sure did name him as the shooter and was the source of fake news. There should at least be an apology to this man.
  • Comment
    Minneapolitan_Rapper  •  10/03/2017 06:39:49 PM UTC
    @Cameronaz the site is user-generated, so it can't really apologize. It is kind of like the wild-west, so if you see something on here, i wouldn't really trust it unless it has a citation. That being said, the trade-off is that Everipedia sometimes gets it right before the mainstream media does, like the UCLA shooter Mainak Sarkar, and James Alex Fields.
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