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FUBAR is a hard rock band with punk and reggae tones, hailing from the greater Pittsburgh area. We are 3 guys who love to make music and rock out… by true definition. Featuring songs about life, liberty and the pursuit of partying with 3 part vocals, unique lead riffs, and a powerful rhythm section; we’ll be sure to get one of our songs stuck in your head. We’d like to say “we’re sorry” and “you’re welcome” in advance.

FUBAR was formed by a combination of destiny and craigslist. Jake and Zach Hursh planned to start a band together for a while and good friend and ex-bandmate Tyler Proudfit fit right in leaving them one final issue, finding a drummer. After talking to various friends their search turned up empty so they turned to craigslist. Strangely enough, Dave Cochran replied to the craigslist ad and filled the void perfectly just a few days later. Dave knew Jake and Tyler from their teenage punk rock days when their previous projects played together locally. Their familiarity allowed them to skip the awkward getting to know each other phase and heading straight for reminiscing of the days when punk rock reigned supreme.

In September 2012, original bassist, Zach Hursh left the band on good terms due to other obligations and some creative differences. Luckily, Tyler had originally played bass. He immediately went out and purchased a bass, amp, and took over the role as bassist. Shortly after this decision was made, the group decided to add a new guitarist in Tyler's place. They knew it had to be someone that would fit the bill and would be able to maintain a steadfast dedication. Their natural choice was then roadie, Mike Kauffman who had followed the band and helped in every way possible from the very beginning. Mike fit in with the band seamlessly and learned most of the material in no time flat. FUBAR would continue on in their reign of intoxication with a solidified line up, ready to take on the world.

In November of 2012, FUBAR appeared in the Local Commotion Battle of the Bands at Gator's Lounge in Jeannette. This battle consisted of 2 rounds and nearly 20 of the top local bands of which FUBAR won first place. Shortly following the battle of the bands, their single "Highway", was featured on Pittsburgh’s premier rock radio station 105.9 on the Edge of the X Local Listen. In January of 2012, they had begun recording a 14 track album that would later be known as "ALL DAY!". This album would be entirely D.I.Y. from start to finish, from recording and production, to post production mixing and mastering…

By late September 2013, FUBAR had made progress but had spent a lot of time in the studio working on the recording and release of their debut, full length album, "ALL DAY!!". During this time gigs were somewhat scarce due to how busy they had been with the album. Mike Kauffman had joined local shock rock band, Only Flesh, on rhythm guitar to satisfy his need to rock. After a few months, Mike had decided to leave FUBAR to pursue his interest in playing full time with Only Flesh…

After Mike had moved on, FUBAR wasted no time seeking a replacement guitarist to continue gigging. First choice was long time friend and ex-Starving Kids Eat Crackers bass player, Sean Braden, who joined immediately on rhythm guitar. Due to some unforeseen circumstances Sean's time with FUBAR short as he was ousted from the band in December 2013 after just a few gigs.

The current line-up of Jake, Tyler, and Dave is still running strong and will continue rocking as a 3 piece without skipping a beat! Last year FUBAR released their debut full length album and have since written a slew of new songs... They will be back in the studio to record and release as much music as possible.

FUBAR has been developing new originals as a full band since September 2011. They have released a DEMO (3 songs), THE FREE EP (7 songs), and a LIVE album from their winning performance at the Battle of the Bands entitled, “Fuck It… We’re Doin’ It Live” (8 tracks). All of these early recordings are self-produced with the help of drummer Dave Cochran, and friend Ben Geiger. As a result, FUBAR recorded and released it's first full-length album, "All Day!!" (13 Tracks), in early 2014 with Dave handling all production and post-production.

Thanks for reading and stay FUBAR my friends! [+]
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