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Progressive rock echoes through folk landscapes, with urban poetry, pop melodies, repetitive chants and experimental segues.

Frogbelly and Symphony is an international quartet with band members residing in Sheffield UK and Brooklyn NY. Since 2013, the band has toured the US, UK, Ireland and Europe repeatedly. Their first full length album 'Blue Bright Ow Sleep' (Labelship UK 2015) received numerous reviews from independent music press outlets and blogs. Over 50 CMJ-reporting radio stations have added the album to their playlists. The opening track ‘Minderbinder’ debuted on BBC 6music's Tom Robinson Show on April 25th, 2015. The Indie Rock Playlist for October 2015 features 'Minderbinder' at #87.

With an experimental approach to production values, the band has been collaborating with Brooklyn producer Martin Bisi. Consequently the music of Frogbelly and Symphony has been tracked at BC Studio in Brooklyn. 'Blue Bright Ow Sleep' was then mixed by Dave Hadley and Martin Smith at The Laundry Rooms Studio in Sheffield.

Progressing from a post-punk, noise and cabaret noir direction on their first EP, "The EYE" (Labelship 2013), Frogbelly and Symphony subsequently evolved the cross-genre concept of "Blue Bright Ow Sleep". Liz and Tom Hanley, Ben Trott and Ray Rizzo appropriate, adapt and recreate music using aspects of their individual backgrounds and repertoires. The heritage of Rock and Roll, the folk traditions of Ireland, Britain and America as well as literature and poetry have all left their imprint on the new record.

Frogbelly and Symphony are planning a US tour and promotional activities for early 2016, including the release of a new single and two videos in the spring. Recently the band has given guest lectures at music colleges to enrich the scope of their touring and to reach a wider audience. [+]
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