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Friuli Venezia Giulia cuisine is a regional cuisine in Italy and part of the broader Italian cuisine.[1]

Due to the region's proximity and history, the cuisine was influenced by neighbouring food culture in the Balkans (Slovenia), Austria and from influences from Germany and Hungary. It also borders the Veneto region around Venice.


Friuli-Venezia Giulia is known its wine, cured meats, cheese, and various specialty dishes. An open hearth oven called a @fogolar is traditional.


Brovada is a fermented turnip dish served as a side to meat dishes. Frico is a cheese and potato dish. Jota is a bean soup with sauerkraut. Cjarsòns are a type of ravioli with potato, cinnamon, raisins and herbs topped with smoked riccotta. Boleta a la graisana is a white fish soup. Lasagne ai semi de papavero is a lasagna dish in Trieste made with butter, sugar and poppy seed. Fagiano ripieno os a stuffed pheasant.


The area proffers a variety of cured meats and sausage including San Daniele's, known for its prosciutto. Goulash, borscht, polentagnocchi and dumplings such as cjalsons are popular. Polenta concia is a regional dish. Gnocchi do susini is gnocchi stuffed with plum (di prugne, prune). Salami in vinager, seasoned and sauced sardines, and prosciutto are also eaten locally.


Grapes and raisins

Plums and prunes

Smoked cheese


Local salami

Local prosciutto

Frico - fried cheese

Frico tenero  - fried cheese and potato




Pistum - spinach dumplings




Muset, a sausage made from pig shin[3]

Polenta and polenta concia

Montasio cheese




Stuculo is the regional strudel served in savory and sweet versions.



Crema carsolina



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