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The right chemistry means everything to a band. Through the past two and a half years Rochester, New York's pop-rock outlet Forget Me In Vegas experienced a multitude of member changes to find that special chemistry. The current members of Forget Me in Vegas have crafted a unique sound and friendships that you wouldn't expect from such a young act. The band has spent its active years creating its own catchy and original pop-infused rock which has developed between the bands 2010 EP. "Get Gone Stay Gone" produced by Steve Sopchak of Syracuse's the Square Studio and the 2012 release of "The Coulda-Shoulda EP," with which the band recorded with producer Christian Medice.

Sopchak reflects on the unique sound and bands development on "The Coulda-Shoulda EP." "I have always
liked what they do---they write super catchy, super energetic pop songs with a vocal delivery that stings. I think Medice captured those things well"..."I think this more
electronic-focused sound will open up entirely new, much more vast audiences. I think the songs are great and it could honestly even be really cool to have a live show that was primarily real instruments behind the primarily electronic songs."

The band has since hit the ground running on finely crafting and polishing their live show and is hitting the road this June for a Northeastern Tour. The band also hopes to repeat their 2011 win in the annual Ernie Ball Warped Tour Battle of the bands for Buffalo, NY's date. The band produces an energetic display of full live sound with a balance of programed samples.

Forget Me in Vegas continues to work hard to broaden their fan base nationally. With the help of manager Steve-O, who has worked with such bands such as New Found Glory, New County, Just Surrender and Rookie of the Year, the band has been featured all over the internet with reviews on websites such as www.younghollywood.com and www.thesoundalarm.com

The band is excited for 2012 and is lining up as much as they can fit on their plate. They are proud of how far they have come in their short active time and hope to continue to gain momentum to meet Young Hollywood's future expectations from their review of Get Gone Stay Gone, "...with lyrics that bring out those universal feelings, to create an album that will surely be played all over the world." [+]
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