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In today's music market, more and more avid listeners are clamoring for something honest and real; scouring social media and blogs for raw talent that they can believe in. This ever increasing demand has paved the way for the rising popularity of male + female duo projects such as The Civil Wars and The Swell Season. The newest addition to this genre, Flagship Romance, hopes to take that honesty, chemistry, and "real-ness" to a new level.

What sets Flagship Romance apart is not limited to what you hear on the recordings; it extends to what you see on-stage, as well as off-stage.

“I felt like I was watching something honest and special; very similar to a modern day Johnny and June,” says Jacksonville, FL, news anchor Tracy “Dot-Com” Collins.

A Flagship Romance show is more than just an opportunity to hear two individually talented performers using their abilities to create something bigger than themselves. It is an invitation to witness an actual couple with a shared passion and chemistry, doing what they love with whom they love. Their lyrics are representative of their own experiences, while the melodies and dynamics are a tribute to their actual emotions.

In the summer of 2012, Flagship Romance entered Fudge Recording Studios in New Orleans, LA, to lay down the tracks for their first record, lovingly entitled "The Fudge Sessions." Every morning, for five days, they would sit with the incredible studio musicians over coffee and discuss an individual song and how they think it should be brought to life. As soon as the initial vision was realized, they would immediately start tracking the song all together to give it an off the cuff, natural sound, with the focus still being on two voices and an acoustic guitar.

Flagship Romance has aligned their musical career with the clean water cause via the phenomenal organization “charity: water.” In August 2012, they organized the inaugural Clean Water Music Fest in Florida, and raised over two times their initial goal merely doing what they love to do – play music & help others. Since 2012, the Clean Water Music Fest has raised over $35,000 to provide safe, clean drinking water to those without it. The duo intends on continuing the Clean Water Music Fest annually. Through their musical efforts, they commit to raising awareness & funds for the worldwide water crisis.

What started as "something fun" between these two lovers has created quite the stir in the southeast. They are quickly developing an extremely devoted group of grass-roots followers they affectionately call the "Flagship Romantics."

It seems that no one can help developing a crush on this Flagship Romance.
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