The term Figaro might refer to any of the following:



  • Le Figaro, the oldest extant newspaper in France.
  • The Figaro in London, an early Victorian comic magazine published in England
  • The London Figaro, a late Victorian satirical magazine published in England
  • The Queensland Figaro, a weekly newspaper published from 1883 to 1936 in Australia
  • Figaro, a Viennese satirical magazine published 1857-1919 (de)





  • Figaro chain, a type of chain used in jewelry
  • Figaro Coffee Company, a chain of coffee shops in Philippines
  • Figaro (genus), a genus of catsharks
  • Figaro programming language, a language for probabilistic programming and reasoning.
  • Figaro, a slang used in a few Latinamerican countries for hairdresser
  • Nissan Figaro, a retro-styled compact car produced by Nissan in a limited production run in 1991
  • Solitaire du Figaro, an offshore sailing race, taking place every summer between France, England, Ireland, and Spain