Fenner might refer to:


  • Arthur Fenner (1745–1805), Rhode Island governor
  • Charles Erasmus Fenner (1834–1911), a justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court, in whose home Confederate President Jefferson Davis died in 1889
  • Charles Erasmus Fenner, Jr. (1876–1963), founding partner of New Orleans' Fenner & Beane, a brokerage firm which merged in 1941 to become Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Beane
  • Dudley Fenner (c. 1558–1587), Puritan minister
  • Francis Fenner (1811–1896), English cricketer and founder of Cambridge University's cricket ground
  • Frank Fenner (1914–2010), Australian scientist
  • James Fenner (1771–1846), Rhode Island governor, son of Arthur
  • Maurice Fenner (1929–2015), English cricketer
  • Shelby Fenner, actress appearing in the films Wolf Girl (2001), Local Boys (2002) and The Guardian (2006)
  • Wilhelm Fenner (1891–after 1946), German cryptanalyst who worked as a Director of Cipher Department of the High Command of the Wehrmacht
  • Fenner Kimball, American politician



  • Fenner plc, a British-based manufacturer of industrial belting