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Faith Of The Damned is an Alternative/Rock Band from the Charleston, WV area originally formed in the year 2000. Today, the band is comprised of the following members, all of which collaborate and contribute to every original song that they perform: John "Newy" Harvey - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar; Josh (J-Wine) Winebrenner - Lead Guitar, Harmony, Background and Vocals (and Occasional Lead Vocals); Hunter Hughes - Rhythm Guitar; Tate Winebrenner - Drums; and Herb (Bunky) Moore - Bass Guitar, Harmony/Background Vocals.

Faith Of The Damned's music has a dark, underlying tone while speaking of situations and problems that many people want to hide from, or do not wish to speak of. To understand what this band is about, you have to examine what the name means. Although they have a distinct sound of their own, it has been described as a combination of "The Doors" meets "Alice In Chains" meets "The Rolling Stones" meets "Three Days Grace" meets "Nirvana" meets "Tool". The term "Gothidelic" has also been used to describe their sound.

The Meaning Behind The Name "FAITH OF THE DAMNED": Anyone who has ever been shunned, abused, exploited, judged, deemed unwanted or unworthy and cast aside by the so-called “righteous” or “upstanding” members of society as a result of hypocritical standards for the way people should be, find themselves dubbed the “damned”. They do not fit the standards set forth and dictated by the prominent, “righteous”. These people of the “damned”, however, are the ones that show and inspire true faith in the human condition. They are the ones that show true compassion for the suffering, they give of themselves without question or promise, and they are the ones who reach a helping hand to those too weak or scared to reach out for themselves. They do this without condition or regard for appearance, background, name, or status. It is written that “this” is what the faithful and righteous should TRULY be, thus the name, Faith Of The Damned.

In 2001, Faith Of The Damned was signed to an independent record label from central Ohio, and cut their first album, titled " On the Plane Between Heaven and Hell". The album received radio play across the country as well as in Europe. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when front man, John Harvey was involved in a near fatal automobile accident. As a result, it was unclear for some time whether Harvey would ever recover enough to play or perform live.

After 18 months of physical therapy and years of reconditioning, Harvey’s determination and unwillingness to succumb paid off. In early 2009, Faith Of The Damned was reformed when Harvey reconnected with long time friend and fellow musician, Bunky Moore. As a result of the their reunited chemistry, both as friends and as band mates, Faith Of The Damned was reborn. In August of 2009, the group entered into negotiations with a promotional company that had showed interest in their potential. In early September 2009, Faith Of The Damned was signed to Dragonwing Promotions, LLC. The band is currently working on their second album, "Serenity In Damnation", which is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2014 under the label, Palindrome Records, L.L.C. The band is currently booking show dates as part of a tour in promotion of the new album.

Faith Of The Damned is currently an MTV and XBox Live artist. They can also be found on ReverbNation, FaceBook and other sites.
For Booking Inquiries contact:
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JESSICA - 540-580-4158
ANGELA - 540-819-9193

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