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Faire Sans Dire[13][14]​ is a niche global intelligence agency and investigatory organisation and has been based in London​ for over forty years. It was formed in 1978 by Bill Fairclough​ with Alan Pemberton CVO MBE​​[15][16]​ and Barrie Parkes MBE[17][18]​. Bill Fairclough​ owned and controlled Faire Sans Dire throughout his life.


Its website[1]​ was frozen on 1 January 2018 and preserved “because of the historical importance of Faire Sans Dire within The Burlington Files[12]​ series”. It is of note that Faire Sans Dire never had a public website prior to 2010[4]​. Faire Sans Dire is still believed to be active in some arenas even though its website has been frozen in time​[5]​.


Faire Sans Dire's website[1]​ explains the organization's history, its past modus operandi, the services it used to provide, its links with the Panama Papers​ investigations and, to a limited degree, some of its other assignments and investigations.


The relevance of The Burlington Files[12]​​, which is a series of six autobiographical novels based on Bill Fairclough's​ life, is that it draws on Bill Fairclough's​ experiences while heading up Faire Sans Dire. Many of its covert assignments behind the scenes portrayed in media headlines are alluded to or referred to throughout the series. Only one book in the series, called Beyond Enkription[7][8]​ (intentionally misspelt) has been published to date.


Further information about Faire Sans Dire is also available from Bill Fairclough's biography​ where his "Covert Professional Life" is summarised[9]​ and other biographies[10][11]​. Bill Fairclough's​ biography is updated on a timely basis as and when required.

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