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Fabrizio and the Fever, an indie/rock band started by energetic and controversial frontman Michael Fabrizio. FnF crosses genres and breaks boundaries. The band has developed a following through their undeniably new sound. "There is not a band or artist out there that sounds like these guys, they are unique, energetic, and filled with passion and heart, they just might be unstoppable"- Rhonda Crosby

"FnF is FUN. highly energetic, infinitely passionate and making a serious impact on the Nashville indie rock scene. With an electric grouping of songs written by singer/songwriter Michael Fabrizio FnF leaves a mark on all of their audiences. More than music, FnF is striving to promote peace and unity in a movement and it’s catching on." - Brian Waters, WRLT Nashville's Lightning 100

“We come from a good place, we want to see the good in people and promote the idea of understanding, Musically, we really love what we do, you can see that passion in our performances” -Fabrizio

What is “THE FEVER?” Where did it come from and how did it start? So much more than a band…

So here it is, the myth, the truth, the story. The inevitable and eventual legend…

It wasn’t a boardroom with “movers and shakers” or a coffee shop with laptops and lattes, nor was it a fancy dinner with salty steaks and overpriced wine: it started in a bowling alley in Nashville. Not a new, state-of-the art bowling alley, but a backroad wonder, filled with classic Motown tunes and disco tracks, fantastic people and a wild energy that would help change the face and force of what was soon to come.

After finding the perfect bowling balls…nicknamed “Elvis, Emerald City, and J Mar” the games could begin. However, while Michael Fabrizio was entering nicknames into the bowling machine he, for the first time had randomly entered himself as “Stingray.” Was it a moment of clarity? An epiphany? Happen stance? Karate Stance? What? Anyway…we don’t know. What we do know is that the name “stuck,” it was fitting, full of powerful and fateful meaning, and brought with it a powerful vibe.

The day ended with some decent scores on the screen and possibly a few empty beer pitchers and dixie cup shot glasses left on a beer soaked table. It was a success. Stingray was born.

Over the course of the following weeks things were beginning to move forward. The writing was free, natural and authentic, the music flowed, the idea had been formed. Then it happened…

The phone buzzed, a new text message. It read something like this, “do you realize what a group of stingrays is called? A FEVER, how awesome is that.” A FEVER. WHOA. I know your probably thinking so what? Well…with some afterthought it seemed insane not to capitalize on the idea of “Fabrizio and the Fever” as the name for the sound. As the loftiness of the idea spread through their minds “The Fever” was making a “buzz.” It was catching on. The energy, the openness and the freedom was catching on. People embraced the idea, the music, the concept, new members were added instantaneously and “The Fever” began to grow. Stingray says, “I wanted something different for my career, something to pick me up and brighten it, something that I could believe in, I wanted to create a force.”

The truth is simple. “The Fever” is a group of believers. People coming together to support the music of FnF, promote peace and share in the goodness and power of music and the prospect of understanding and unity amongst people. “The Fever” belongs to those who yearn for something different. Something for their moods. All of them. Everyone. Sad, happy, excited, dark, bright, well I think you get it. FEVER is family, a group mentality, never meant to single out artist from fan, or fan from artist. Never to single out people because of their race, religion, sexual orientation or any other superficial reason. The FEVER is a team, a club, with non-exclusive membership, everyone doing their part to insure the success of the music, the longevity of the band and the promotion of peace and unity among people.

What do FEVER members do?

Simple. Be a part. A simple share of the Facebook page or Twitter page, playing a song for a friend, streaming songs, attending shows, just being a part. Lets help bring peace back through the power of music. Get into the music, believe in the movement.

You do not need to sign up somewhere, pay a fee, or give out your email address or phone number (however, if you want to stay up to date with what’s happening please do). It is simply a group of people who “Believe” in something different, something special, something organic and honest, true and kind, freeing and beautiful, something that was once strong and needs help now more than ever. Just like the randomness and energy of a backroad bowling alley every story has it roots, please be a part of ours.

Take a moment to let it sink in. The FEVER is a band, a group, an entity, a team of peace seekers, love makers, and dream chasers that started at a bowling alley cause a nickname sparked a hype? Yup. You got it. Welcome to the FEVER, feel free to have a lot of fun.

We the fever full of believers… – Stingray
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